How to Take Liquid Zinc

Liquid Tonic

Some of us, when we hear the word zinc, automatically think of the classic sunscreen product, a white cream that will protect your skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Though it’s true that zinc is great for blocking out the harmful effects of the sun, it can have quite a few other positive effects on your body.

If you’ve never taken zinc as an ingested supplement before, you may need some guidance on why or how you should take zinc to absorb its benefits. 

Here’s a comprehensive guide on zinc and how to take it in its liquid form.

What Zinc can Do for You

We would be remiss if we didn’t run you through all of the benefits that zinc can have for your health and wellness, so let’s start there.

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According to, zinc is a trace mineral that is abundant in your body and can be found in all of your body’s different tissues. This makes it essential to normal functioning. 

One of the biggest positive effects it can have on your health is a better, more efficient immune system. It is also important in DNA and cell repair, making it great for fighting any skin or other tissue damage.

Unfortunately, most of us don’t get enough zinc in our diet, which is why it’s best to seek a supplement.

Why Liquid Zinc is Better

Zinc as a supplement can come in both a pill and liquid form. The pill form eventually gets broken down in the stomach and absorbed into the body, but this can take a while for the full effects to benefit you.

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Liquid zinc is a superior method of consumption since it doesn’t require taking a large pill that can be hard to swallow for many, and it gets absorbed into the system faster since it doesn’t have to go through the initial phase of being physically broken down.

Different Methods of Taking Liquid Zinc

Now that you have purchased your very own bottle of liquid zinc, what do you do with it? Here’s how the mechanics and technical aspects of taking liquid zinc work.

Make Sure You Get the Proper Dosage

The most important step of all is ensuring you get the proper dosage for your age and weight. Liquid zinc typically comes in a bottle with a dropper, so that’s how we will measure this.

For children and adults four years and up, you should take around 3 mL or 4 pumps of liquid zinc. For kids under 3, only around 1 and a half pumps or .8 mL should do the trick. For women who are pregnant and lactating, you may need a bit more. 4.5 pumps/3.5 mL is the recommended dosage for this group.

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Place the Dropper Under Your Tongue

Once you have the proper amount of liquid zinc in your dropper all that’s left to do is squeeze it into your mouth or under your tongue.

Many are surprised by how sweet it tastes so you won’t need to worry about kids not liking the flavor.

For Best Storage and Effects

If you want your zinc to work best, make sure to store it and use it correctly. Keep your zinc in a cool, dry place, making sure it’s nowhere where kids can reach it easily.

Also, remember to shake up the bottle of liquid zinc before each use to make sure it’s mixed well.

Try Liquid Zinc Today

Since so many of us can benefit from the addition of a bit more zinc into our diets, pick up a bottle of liquid zinc for fast and effective results.

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