How to use CUB net banking?

City Union Bank is a renowned Indian bank which keeps up to the promise of serving its users in terms of providing best of online facilities in the form of internet banking. Yes, you can transfer funds and do transactions with a proper user id and password, thanks to the CUB online facility. 

How do I open a cub Internet banking?

In order to avail the facility of CUB net banking which has a confidential user id and password, you need to request for the same at the branch office. Upon receiving your application, the bank starts the process. 

The steps are as follows:-

  1. While visiting the nearest branch, you will find a request form for Internet Banking, fill it with complete details. 

Note: it is mandatory for the users to provide a valid signature at the time of submitting the request.

  1. Submit the form which the branch will verify the details and send it to the Central processing center for further proceedings. 
  2. Upon validation, the centre will mail the user id and password to the mentioned address of the customer

You need to write a letter to the branch manager showcasing your request to activate CUB net banking for the account you possess in the specific branch. 

Under sign it by attaching relevant documents which are mandatory and then submit. It may take few days for processing the application. When your request has been approved, the bank will give you a Customer ID and link it with the account. 

Check your mail as you will receive the Customer Id on it. This ID will be helpful to login for accessing the net banking services. It is important for you to safely keep the Customer ID and never share it, as a mark of security. Considering the online feature, you can safely access it from the globe. 

What is the user ID for Cub net banking?

User id is the exclusive CUB Net Banking number which the bank provides to the CUB Net Banking customer. It is the unique customer identification number which the user receives while being enrolled. The data base of the bank recognizes you with this unique number. 

How can I check my balance in Cub bank?

In order to check the balance in CUB Bank, the customer can give a missed call to the number  91-9278177444

The aforesaid facility is completely free. Upon giving a missed call, the bank sends a message to the number giving the details. The facility is safe and convenient and it is available round the clock. 

Activation process

Visit the site and enter user id and click on “Continue”

Now, you will be directed towards entering the password and click on “Login”. After you are finally logged in, you can change the password for obvious reasons.

Final thoughts 

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Considering the advancement in technology, the banking sector has adopted a mechanism which is indeed quite convenient for the masses as it facilitates the customers with online facilities rather easily. 

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