How to use Facebook marketing to expand your business

Facebook marketing is great for growing your business in 2021. The social media platform has more than 2 billion users monthly. A lot of customers utilise Facebook to connect and engage businesses. For instance, 60 % of Facebook users frequently interact with a business page weekly. 

Through proper utilisation of Facebook for marketing, you can acquire new customers. You can establish a solid customer base for your brand. Facebook marketing is an excellent way of building a brand identity for your business. This is why businesses must prioritise marketing on Facebook. 

Here are some ways to utilise Facebook to market and grow your business: 

Facebook Business Page

To establish a great Facebook presence for your business, you have to create a Facebook page for your business. A Facebook page is different from a Facebook profile. A Facebook page is ‘public’ and is suitable for brand engagement and customer interaction. Instead of sending a friend request, users are required to ‘like’ or ‘follow’ your business page. 

Regularly post or update your Facebook page

To utilise Facebook for marketing and brand promotion, it is not enough to open a Facebook page, and you must frequently update and post to increase brand awareness. Experts suggest that businesses should post on Facebook at least once daily to strengthen their relationship with customers on the platform. Quality contents are equally important. Your contents should reflect your brand value, customer-centric nature and product suitability. 

If you do not have the time to post on Facebook frequently, consider using a social media poster to schedule and manage your posts. 

Customer engagement

Customer engagement is key to success in every marketing campaign. Apart from creating posts that can trigger engagement, ensure you interact with your customers and reply to their enquiries on time. This is key to customer loyalty and retention. 

You can equally use chatbot automation to optimise customer engagement and interaction on Facebook. It is a more effective way of providing real-time solutions to basic questions by your customer. Another feature of chatbot automation is the auto facebook reply, auto like and auto private response. This is why chatbot is the most effective tool for engaging your customers on Facebook and driving positive customer action. 

Utilise other Facebook features, not just Pages.

Facebook constantly updates its features. So in 2021, ensure you use the following tools to boost your brand awareness. 

  • Facebook stories The stories feature enables businesses to share content that will appear in the newsfeed of your fans and followers for 24 hours. If properly utilised, this tool can increase the organic reach of your social media presence. 
  • Facebook Video The rate of video consumption on Facebook is increasing steadily. To help your brand reach more prospective customers, consider utilising this tool. 

Facebook Live This tool can help you interact in real-time with your customers on Facebook. Your customers who have followed your business page will be notified once you go ‘live’ on Facebook. Facebook Live can be used for product demonstrations or event exhibitions. 

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