How to watch “Attack on Titan season 4”- Netflix, Crunchyroll

Attack on Titan season 4 is finally and officially out in full colors, but there seems to be confusion amongst fans regarding the way they can watch the final installment of the hit anime.

Considering the kind of associated excitement and hype which is there currently, regarding the fourth and final season of Attach on Titan, one thing can be said clearly, that there has never been so much of expectation as it is now, regarding the same.

The series is considered to be quite a big anime metaphorically, as the expectations of the fans can literally be seen who are waiting with their bated breath to get hold of the anime especially, as regarding the process of how Scout’s story will finally go through. 

Japan saw the premier of Attack on Titan season 4 on Monday, December 7th as the whole world is glued to be a part of this awesome anime and watch things unfold. 

What is the time, when episode 4 will release on Crunchyroll?

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Episodes of Attack on Titan season 4 will be a part of release on NHK-G in Japan. There is going to be Netflix services as well as various anime streaming platforms which are going to see light of the day. 


Attack on Titan Season 4: Netflix

Confusion is at its peak, when it comes to when Attack on Titan season 4 will see its presence on Netflix. The news gains even greater significance, especially after the wake of Netflix Philippines has a tweet on November 26th, which said that it is going to premier on December, 11th

It certainly created loads of excitement for one and all especially the fans who got pleasantly expected news, like what they actually wanted to hear. so much so, that there was another tweet by main  Netflix Twitter accounts, which gave a signal to many fans as well as media sources (with the inclusion of HTC), that the anime would premier on various different international Netflix services. 

However, still uncertainty and confusion looms large and nothing concrete can be said about the anime regarding the specific date of the same. It is indeed an unfortunate aspect. However, attack on Titan season 4 will find a release date on specific Netflix platforms and certainly not on US or UK versions of streaming site. 

There is news which relates to Attack on Titan where season 1-3 is available on Netflix Italy. Hence, based on the series of play which are available in this part of the world, there is a great possibility, that its adjoining areas especially the Europe, could see the services first with respect to rest of the world. 

Well, still there has been no official date with respect to when would be the release date of season 4 on North American or UK Netflix services be.  Let’s have fingers crossed till then and hope for the speedy release to give the fans happy news, especially to what they wanted to hear.

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