How to watch Game of Thrones online: stream season 8 or catch up from anywhere


Missing Game of Thrones? You're not alone. Fortunately, no matter where you are, there is still time to watch the entire season 8, whether you've already seen it or just started to start it.

Also, with a Game of Thrones prequel underway in 2020, it's still worth catching up with all that action before it airs next year. So keep reading while we tell you how to watch Game of Thrones from anywhere.

Game of Thrones season 8: when and where to look?

Well, that's it, now the whole program has been aired, but that doesn't mean you can't watch it anymore.

You can see a complete list of viewing options in several countries and discover how to watch the whole season below.

If you're not caught yet, what have you been doing? We can only assume that he was in a country with a very early viewing time when it was broadcast live. But don't worry, now you can watch all Game of Thrones online.

Whether you're starting season 8, preparing for the epic finale or even midway through season 3 (come on, the shows have been available for years!) We can tell you there's a lot of drama to come.

Or if you've watched the entire show and still crave that Game of Thrones action, there's still the brilliant Game of Thrones: The Last Watch, a documentary about season 8. You can also find details about this below.

So, if you have everything ready for the new episode this weekend (Arya fans' t-shirts and Wildling fur coats are essential) and you simply lack the streaming service and time, you can find everything you need to know on how to watch Game of Thrones online on this page.

Watch Game of Thrones online: broadcast outside your country

Want to watch Game of Thrones online in the US? USA, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand or India? We have found all your best options and we list them below.

But, if you find yourself in the unfortunate circumstances in which you have booked a vacation now that you want to see them, then things get a little more difficult. For those unfortunate fans, all hope has not yet been lost. You will find that watching Game of Thrones will not be an option thanks to geographical blocking, but with the practical help of a VPN, you can avoid that.

Don't worry, you can still watch the show, only it becomes a little more difficult. When using a VPN, you can still watch the program by changing your IP address to a location where you live, which allows you to see everything (assuming that does not violate any TS&C, of ​​course).

We have tested hundreds of VPNs and can recommend them as the three best VPN options currently available:

1. Express VPN (comes with a 30-day money back guarantee)
This is the best VPN n. ° 1 in the world at this time thanks to its speed, safety and ease of use. You can watch on many devices at once, including Smart TV, Fire TV Stick, PC, Mac, iPhone, Android phone, iPad, tablets, etc. See Express VPN and get 3 months FREE with an annual plan
2. NordVPN: SmartPlay technology makes NordVPN an excellent and affordable option for streaming
3. IPVanish Supports up to 10 devices, excellent anywhere and with a focus on security

watch game of thrones online

Watch Game of Thrones online in the US UU.

Well, there really is no surprise here, if you are in the USA. UU., Then HBO will be the ideal place for everything related to Game of Thrones. Unfortunately, it is not surprising that this means that you will have to subscribe to an HBO subscription to watch the program.

HBO offers some packages, all of which are quite flexible. That means you can sign up for a month, end the program and then cancel if necessary. Not to mention that HBO offers free trials on all its packages, which helps soften the blow. Prices start at $ 14.99 One month with HBO and upload according to the package you choose.

Every episode of season 8 is now available to catch up on HBO. Or watch Game of Thrones: The Last Watch on HBO

Watch Game of Thrones online in the UK for FREE

The best news of all! Fans based in the United Kingdom can now stream the entire hit TV series on Now TV, all you need is a subscription to the entertainment pass. And fortunately, the transmission platform has a fantastic discount right now: two months for the price of one, so hurry up and get one!

Don't you want to subscribe to Now TV? Another option for you is to register with Sky and watch the series there.

And if you are outside the UK and you still want to watch programs on Amazon, then you must download and install a VPN as described above.

Watch Game of Thrones online in Canada

If you're in Canada trying to watch Game of Thrones online, then you're lucky, since Crave has the whole season available to catch up no matter where you are.

And if you haven't seen this season yet, the episodes are now available to catch up with Crave.

You can pay Crave monthly or get an annual subscription. Unlike HBO, Crave does not seem to do tests, but if he pays a subscription, they will grant a free month.

Prices vary for Crave, but you can get packages that include HBO from around $ 20 per month.

Want to see how the show was made? Now you can watch The Last Watch, a documentary about how Season 8 of Game of Thrones was created.

I have a watch online

Watch Game of Thrones online in Australia

If you are trying to catch something this season in Australia, there are only two options for you, and that is to register for Foxtel cable service or the company's streaming service, Foxtel now. All episodes are now available to watch on Foxtel.

Like all previous streaming services, you will have to pay to get a subscription and there are a lot of different packages available, but Foxtel Now offers a 10 day free trial If you have not registered yet.

Watch Game of Thrones: The Last Watch, a documentary from season 8 on Foxtel.

Watch Game of Thrones online in New Zealand

For those in New Zealand, there really is only one option for season 8 and it's Neon. The Sky premium entertainment channel will be the place to find season 8.

Fortunately, the transmission service does a 14-day test, so you can always try it before committing. To register, it will cost you a flat fee of $ 13.95.

Watch Game of Thrones online in India

For fans in India, you're lucky, when it comes to watching Game of Thrones online, India has the cheapest option. Simply log in to Hotstar and sign up for a premium account. This will cost you $ 299 ($ ​​3) for a month or $ 999 ($ ​​14) for a whole year.

All season 8 is now available to watch at any time on Hotstar. Or watch Game of Thrones: The Last Watch in Hotstar.

How to watch seasons 1-8 of Game of Thrones online

If you are not the most enthusiastic fan, you can always start from the beginning and move on to the end of season 8 at your own time.

Fortunately, most of the previous streaming services offer seasons 1-8 of the show, which means you can watch all the old episodes and then go smoothly to the new season. Next, we list each country with all the different viewing platforms for all stations:

WE: The United States has a ton of options when it comes to the television show: HBO GO, HBO Amazon channel, Amazon Prime, iTunes, Google Play Store, Fandango and VUDU.

UNITED KINGDOM: The UK has tons of options to see the previous seasons, but the only options that all stations have are Now TV or Sky.

Canada: The options in Canada are a bit more limited, choose between: Crave Plus, iTunes or Google Play Store.

Australia: Pretty similar to Canada, choose between Foxtel Now, iTunes, Microsoft Store or Google Play Store.

New Zealand: SoHo … yes, that's practically your only option in New Zealand.

India: Just Hotstar, but when it's so cheap, do you really need to compare prices?

Elsewhere: Do you live in a place that is not on this list? Try to test a VPN and connect to one of the countries below with many options to view the program.

Final preview of Game of Thrones season 8

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Well, all the episodes are now live, you can watch the preview of the previous final episode to take a look at what you can expect from the epic ending.

With Game of Thrones finally over, this is the ideal place to discover how to watch Game of Thrones online.


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