How Using A Rangefinder Can Take Multiple Strokes Off Your Golf Game

In the modern world of golfing, rangefinders have become a must-have for most golfers. Understanding the various applications of this device in the golf game can take multiple strokes off your game. 

They are the perfect way to save you time and eliminate guesswork. Read through to find insights on rangefinders and their application. 

What Are the Different Types of Rangefinders?

In the past, these devices were common among hunters and the military to determine the target’s distance. However, with the advancement of technology and the modernization of sports, the best golf rangefinder has found its way to golf. 

There are three common types of rangefinders in use today.

  • The Laser Rangefinder– This device uses beam technology to determine the distance between you and your target. The rangefinder measures the time taken to reflect the beam to determine the distance to the reflector. For this reason, most pins are made of highly reflective material for accuracy. 
  • The GPS Rangefinder- The device uses the global positioning system through coordinates to determine the distance between you and your target. Since the device uses global positioning, the golf course should be mapped and integrated into the database. In other words, the device would be of little help if the golf course is not mapped or fails to respond to the database. 
  • The Optic Rangefinder- Unlike the Laser and GPS rangefinders that use technology, the optical device only provides clear vision to the target and allows focus tuning.  

The Best Boblov Rangefinder Review

The Boblov rangefinder is a light device that you can carry with you around the course and keep in your pocket. The rangefinder provides a 1-yard accuracy providing a pin lock feature that vibrates when it locks on a target. 

The device also has slope functionality that you can switch on your own volition. In most cases, the slope functionality is banned for tournament play and only allowed for practice. 

So, it’s always important to have a rangefinder with a visible switch to let others know that you aren’t using the feature. 

But How Does A Rangefinder Improve My Skills?

The best Boblov Rangefinder review shows some of the features you can utilize in a quality device. Besides, the rangefinder will help you;

  • Decide on the best club to make the right hit on the consistently inaccurate yardage markers common in golf courses. 
  • Eliminate doubts on the yardage or the club to use. Doubtful minds could lead to over or under-compensation of shots, hence needing a rangefinder to boost confidence. 
  • Make precise course yardages, especially when markers are off. Note that most golf courses don’t have yardage markers within 100 yards.
  • Speed up the play as you quickly determine yardages and the right club. Without a rangefinder, you would take some time to determine all these. 

The use of rangefinders on golf courses has changed the game and demonstrated the need for improved mechanisms. Learning how to use the gadgets accurately would significantly improve your skills. It would be best to use the device to perfect your measurement and accuracy rather than rely on it in every aspect to avoid making the game boring.  

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