How You Can Overcome VPN Blocks

Getting Around VPN Blocks

If you’re reading this article, you probably met some form of anti-VPN technology that prevents you from accessing information that they don’t want you to see or is private in nature. This block can appear in various types of services as well as private and government websites. One example of this blockage you may have come across would be a message from Netflix stating that you are using an unblocker or a proxy. Even with a privacyenbescherming being set up, it can be difficult to overcome these anti-VPN blocks, censorship, and geo-restrictions. allertaprivacy is best VPN you can trust.

Unfortunately, your VPN may not be able to bypass these blocks for various reasons. This could be that your VPN’s IP address has been flagged out by anti-VPN software used by service providers. These kinds of anti-VPN software tend to flag out the IP addresses after they are continuously identified.

Here, you will be able to learn more about how to bypass these VPN blocks. In fact, you can actually find your answer already by just trying a different server or simply requesting help from your VPN service’s customer support. If you’ve tried these two simple steps and still can’t get around these geoblocks, which are set up by the government, news sites, streaming services, or your employer, maybe it is a sign to swap your VPN service for something that better fits your surfing needs. If you want to get the best unblocked VPN service, check more about Surfshark.

Different Types of VPN Blocks

Before we dive into overcoming the VPN blocks, it’s important to understand the nature of these blocks. There are three main types of VPN blocks that are used: IP Blocking, Port Blocking, and Deep Packet Inspection (DPI)

1-IP Blocking

IP addresses are like identification cards that pinpoint your exact location and provide information about your online activity to determine who you actually are. When you use a VPN, websites you come across might check the IP address and the location of the server that you’ve connected to instead of your own ones in order to bypass existing blocks. Popular streaming services that collect and retain your IP address information include Hulu and Netflix. They then compare this information with the known VPN servers. When a match occurs, these streaming sites then block access from their customers. In order to bypass these anti-VPN technologies, many VPNs today choose to regularly change their IP addresses to minimize matches.

2-Port Blocking

When you’re utilizing a VPN for your surfing needs, your information actually goes through some ports. Network administrators can block your usage by closing the ports that are more commonly used by VPNs.

 1-Deep Packet Inspection (DPI)

Governments and organizations can use DPI techniques to check the data information that runs through the networks and make decisions based on their findings. By simply using DPI, these public and private organizations can then identify if a VPN was used and then decide if they should block, re-route, or log the information.

How to Overcome VPN Blocks

The fastest and simplest way to get around these blocks will always be to find a reliable VPN service. However, there are also some technical yet easy methods to bypass these VPN blocks.

1-List of Reliable VPN Services

  • NordVPN — It is known to be quick and consistent and usable with streaming websites such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, and more. They also provide options for purchasing dedicated IP addresses.
  • ExpressVPN — It provides a secure and convenient service and is usable with streaming websites such as Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, ITV Hub, and more. They have a 30-day guarantee refund policy on all of its VPN services as well as a 7-day free trial for mobile applications.
  • Cyber Ghost — It provides comprehensive worldwide coverage and is usable with streaming websites such as Netflix, HBO Now, Amazon Prime, Sky Go, and more. They also have a 45-day guarantee refund policy for their premium service.

2-Overcoming VPN Blocks on Streaming Services (Including Netflix)

The simplest way to bypass anti-VPN technology is to use a trusted service provider that has a good track record of overcoming VPN blocks, such as updating their IP addresses. This way, companies like Netflix won’t be able to blacklist these VPN service providers.

Secondly, it will also be valuable to look for VPN providers that offer unique IP addresses for users. These catered and specialized services will usually come with a small fee but will come in handy because the IP addresses, which are only owned and used by you, will rarely or never be detected by your favorite streaming sites.

3-Overcoming VPN Blocks at Work

Your workplaces tend to use port blocking in order to block VPNs, where your network’s administrator identifies the ports used by VPNs and closes them. Thus, the first method will definitely be to configure your VPN to less popular ports.

Secondly, you can try using Tor as your browser. It is a relatively secure browser that helps you to mask your IP address and can be a powerful tool if you’re trying to get over a VPN block. It allows its users to access and upload content at no cost and anonymously. However, you will still need administrative rights on your electronic device if it’s work equipment. Tor allows your data to travel through many servers, which eliminates the issue of your network administrators from tracking your activity. When you pair this browser with Obfsproxy, a program that helps you to change the appearance of your data on the network, you’ll be able to prevent DPI detection as well.

4-Overcoming VPN Blocks by Governments

Most countries do have online censorship in one way or another. In this case, you will want to choose a VPN that utilizes Obfsproxy technology. Many well-done VPNs are still capable of overcoming the anti-VPN technologies that are implemented by governments and ISPs for purposes of censorship. For example, VPNs such as TunnelBear provides Obfsproxy functions that allow your information to resemble regular internet traffic data during DPI.


Now that you are familiar with the various kind of VPN blocks and the technical knowledge of how VPN services can overcome them, it’s time to narrow down your choices of your desired VPN service provider based on your consumption needs and budget.

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