Huawei is said to manufacture electric vehicles, expected to launch cars this year

China’s Huawei is expected to manufacture its own brand of electric vehicles starting with a few this year. The brand, which has been well known in telecommunications equipment makers, is expected to foray in other sectors as well. 

The need for car plants can be addressed by state-owned Changan Automobiles and others, as soon as the talks are finalized. 

The plan is seen to be a major shift after the sanctions imposed by the U.S on Huawei. Since, the brand was put on a blacklist citing it to be a threat to national security. Huawei has started doing the homework where it is designing the EVs along with establishing the connections with the suppliers, before it will officially declare the launch of its products, with the aim of building better vehicles.

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Head of Huawei consumer business group Richard Yu, who was a pioneer towards carving a niche for the  brand by giving the tag of being the largest Smartphone makers is now going to shift his focus to EV. It is expected that the much desired and awaited project will be quite successful as it is going to target the mass-market segment. 

The big potential synonymous with EV market

Chinese technology has found the hidden potential associated with the immense scaling of EVs which the current market has to offer. The move comes in the wake of how Beijing is heavily promoting the use and significance of greener vehicles which has become a mechanism of reducing chronic air pollution. Since, the world is deriving ways to create a pollution free environment as well.

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There is a wide range of vehicles in the form of electric battery vehicles, new energy vehicles along with plug-in hybrid and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles are going to constitute 20 percent of auto sales by 2025, considering China’s yearly auto sales. 

China’s NEW sales has risen from 1.3 million to 1.8 million units in 2020

The much needed plan announced by Huawei is in line with a few of the tech companies which have also made similar announcements like that of Foxconn and Baidu Inc.

While in the United States, Amazon and Alphabet are also strategizing towards investing and building auto-related technology.

Huawei has been associated with developing technologies for EVs for a long time now. One can prominently describe the same in the form of in-car software systems, 5G communications hardware along with sensors for automobiles and the list seems to be endless. 

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Huawei has also been partnering with automakers in the form of Daimler, SAIC, General Motors etc with an aim to collaborate towards developing smart auto technologies. In order to ensure a highly professionalized approach, it has been in the process of hiring engineers since 2018 so that the need for auto related technology can be fruitfully addressed. 

The week has been quite fruitful for Huawei as the brand was rewarded for four patents relating to EVs with the inclusion of charging between electric vehicles and for deriving ways to better the health of battery

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