Husband, 87, takes wife on 40-mile round trip for her vaccine

Tony Gluck, 87, has been in the news recently for something that he has done off late. As per our sources, he took his 85-year-old wife Rhode to get her vaccine. He took her on the trip post she was notified by her GP. However, instead of travelling so far and going through the 40-mile round trip, he wasn’t able to get his vaccine. This incident reflect the immense love that the couple has for each other. People wait to avail the Covid 19 vaccine at the NHS vaccine centre that was set up at the Robertson House in Stevenage, Hertfordshire. 

The old couple has certainly taught few chapters of love and relationship to one and all, so much so that everyone is inspired by the strong bond of the two. The centre that we have mentioned right above is regarded as one of the 7 mass vaccination centres that gave opened as of now to the general public. The government conyinues to ramp up the vaccination programme against the Covid 19 picture. Tony Gluck who is currently 87 took his 85 years old wife, Rhode to get her vaccine and despite travelling such a long distance, the vaccine was not available. 

The baffled pensioner didn’t succeed to get the vaccine despite such a hard work and a long t4avel. “I’m taking her in now,” said Tony, from Radlett, Herts. The couple further added, “We have no idea why she is getting the vaccination today but I’m not. “It doesn’t seem fair.” On this issue, Hazel Daughtry, 80, from Potters Bar said: “I was told yesterday and I’m getting the vaccination this morning.”

Have you or a loved one had the vaccine at a ‘super-hub’? This is certainly in the headlines and the couple represents such a great bonding. This news had been in the timeline for quite some time now, and no doubt, this real life story portrays such a strong bond, that the couple has been sharing for their years of relationship, and now this has been creating a history and a story of inspiration for all. 

If you want to hear some good lessons on ‘love,’ and is looking forward to strengthen your bond with your partner, I hope that the love story of this old pensioner will surely give you the reasons to overcome all obstacles if you have ever loved someone. 

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