Hyundai Mobis to develop autonomous driving system with the help of 3D game tech

Hyundai Mobis which is considered to be the largest auto parts maker in South Korea stated on Sunday that it has plans to make full utilization of the 3D mobile game software while going through the development process of its autonomous driving system.

Motor Group which is considered to be one of the flagship company of Hyundai states that utilising real along with high definition video game images in order to create different types of driving conditions may allow it to safely and more efficiently check out the cameras which are considered to be an important part of any of the self-driving car systems.

The company states that the videos can easily be used and designed in a manner to stimulate bad weather and night conditions along with complex urban driving environments that will also have lots of cars and pedestrians. This can also be used in order to check out if the cameras are able to process and detect commonplace repairs that are being carried out in the streets.

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Different advances can be made to the overall system by getting all of the cameras to read and detect all of the road related movements along with other signs and developments. This can be achieved at a much faster pace in comparison to the more traditional methods. These arrangements will be giving Mobis a complete edge in developments.

If all of these simulators are not utilized then a car which is fitted with sensors and cameras has to be driven on the real roads which will take more time and will also cause safety issues.

Mobis states that their research centers situated in India has recently teamed up with Tata Elxsi. Tata Elxsi is supposed to be an artificial intelligence, big data service provider, internet of things which is going to be used to develop all of the necessary software and 3D images.

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Hyundai Mobis states that the contract is calling for the development of the simulation program by late 2019.

Hyundai Mobis states that it is in the process of making and developing an automatic video recognition besides building up the simulator for the camera system. This automatic video recognition is going to be utilizing deep learning technology.

The company further states that once this is perfected it could majorly enhance the abilities of the said camera in order to recognize the images that it captures. The images include people, traffic lanes, signal lights and various other road signs that make sense to them.

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One of the company’s sources states that in the present times any classified images are known to require countless man-hours. However, the time and the workload that it takes to classify the images can be easily reduced with the help of a deep learning process.

The important and pertinent thing to remember out here is the fact that the company has provided images that show a 3D game image which can be utilized to develop the self-driving car program.

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