If your iPad Air 2019 suddenly gets dark, Apple will repair it for free


It was about a year ago when Apple resurrected the iPad Air with a new design and a lower price, and if you bought one at launch, your warranty is about to run out. But don't fear, Apple could still fix it for another year.

Apple has launched the iPad Air Service Program (3rd generation) for the blank screen edition, which covers all iPad Air models manufactured between March 2019 and October 2019. That's basically all models sold the year past, so there is a good chance that yours is covered.

If you experience the problem, which Apple describes as a brief flicker or flash before the screen goes blank permanently, you can take your iPad Air for evaluation, either to an Apple store or to an authorized Apple service provider . Then, a technician will evaluate if your tablet is part of the program. If so, Apple will repair it for free. Any damage to the device, such as a broken screen, may incur additional charges.

Apple notes that while the service program does not extend the full one-year warranty on iPad Air, affected iPad Air (3rd generation) devices will be covered for two years after the unit's first retail sale, which extends to 2021

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