Importance of 14k gold chain and tips of buying and selling gold chains

Importance of 14k gold chain and tips of buying and selling gold chains

Gold chain is a classic part of men’s fashion. It can symbolize several things like a person’s social class or status, sports teams, religious affiliations, and many more. It is an amazing adornment that wealthy men wear. Earlier chains were designed with basic shapes of either round or oval links. But today, thanks to the availability of advanced technology of shaping machines, chains can now be created in different styles and designs.

When you research gold chains, you will discover that 14k gold chains are among the most popular types of real gold jewelry. Now you must be thinking about the importance of gold chains, how much worth is a 14k gold chain? This depends on several factors, so let’s dive into our guide.

What is the meaning of Gold Karat?

Karat is the percentage of gold in a piece of gold jewelry. An alloy that has 1 karat gold content that means 1/24th of it is pure gold. To find out what amount of material in a gold chain is pure gold, you can divide its karat by 24. For example, a 10 karat chain has 41.7% of gold and 10 karats divided by 24 times 100. 

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How are 14k Gold Chains made of?

The 14k gold chainis made of 14 sections of gold and ten sections of other metals like copper, zinc, silver, palladium, and nickel. It contains 58.3% of pure gold. 

Types of Gold chain

Gold chains come in different styles and lengths that work for other purposes and personalities. Following are the most common types of gold chains available:

●      Ball chain

This type of chain has small round beads of metal. They are either spaced with some distance or joined together with just a tiny space to allow movement. You can choose the thickness of the bead that generally ranges between 1mm to 2mm thickness.

●      Rope Chain

The rope chain is one of the most beautiful, lavish, and shiny chain types. Rope chains have several gold segments connected tightly in twos or threes and have a twisting pattern to resemble an actual rope. Make sure to check our fabulous collection of 14k gold rope chains here.

●      Cable chain

This type of chain is the simplest type of gold chain thanks to its classic appearance and durability. A cable chain consists of round or oval links. Every individual link is connected to the next, forming a beautiful chain made for beauty and functionality. It is a gender-neutral type of chain, so both men and women can enjoy this chain style. 

What is the worth of a 14k gold chain?

Though it’s difficult to answer this question because there are various types of gold chains available, many variables can add or take away from the overall value. Considering this fact, the price of gold always fluctuates, so if you are looking to buy or sell, you must first check the current going rate. 

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After this, determine the weight of your gold jewelry piece to calculate your piece’s approximate value based on the current price. The thickness, design, and length of the jewelry will affect the price of gold chains. 

From this information, you can have a general idea of how much a 14k gold chain is worth. If the jewelry piece has extra precious metals like platinum or desirable gemstones like rubies, diamonds, and emeralds, the price can be higher.

Buying and selling jewelry is a time-consuming process. So we have compiled some tips below to help you navigate through the process.

Tips for selling jewelry

Before you decide to sell your piece of gold jewelry make sure to follow the below tips:

1. Get your jewelry appraised

If you are looking to sell your jewelry, you must go to a jewelry appraiser to get a professional opinion on your piece’s actual value. Also, factors like gemstone clarity, weights, karats, etc., the condition of the jewelry will play an essential part in the value of your jewelry. This amount will be lesser than a replacement value appraisal. Make sure to ask for a resale price to have a clear idea of what you will get from a real buyer.

2. Must track the gold prices

By keeping track of a current gold rate, you will be able to determine the best time to sell. Whenever the gold prices rise a bit, you can sell off your old jewelry so that you can get a higher price. And with this money, you can purchase a new gold chain that fits better with your collection.

3. Sell through a reputable channel

When you have decided to sell your jewelry, you need to choose where you want to list your available products. Always do your research first to find a reputable place to list your available jewelry. To ensure that a company is reputable check if they are a jewelry trade association member. 

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Avoid selling through the internet with a stranger. If you want quick cash, you can go through a pawn shop or a jewelry store that sells second-hand pieces. 

4. Consider multiple options

You need not sell off the piece to the first person who shows interest. Try considering various offers that would be more beneficial. If you want to get rid of your jewelry as soon as possible, you can accept a much lower buyer rate. 

Tips on buying a gold chain

Before you buy a gold chain, there are several factors to consider. Let’s examine the essential characteristics which you need to pay attention to.

1. Must read reviews

When you are looking to buy jewelry, you should always check customer reviews for the company. It would be best if you make sure that the majority of the reviews should be positive. 

2. Shop around for prices

We suggest not jumping on something that you find good on a first look but shop around first to check that it is the best piece for you and the right place. 

3. Pricing and quality markings

Gold prices are always determined by purity. Unless you have proper lab availability, look for the hallmark. A 10k gold chain has 41.70% of pure gold and will have a 10k karat mark. Simultaneously, the 14k gold chainhas 58.30% of pure gold and has a karat mark of 14k.

4. After buying, get the jewelry insurance done

Whenever you buy a new gold chain, ensure to get your jewelry appraised. Appraisals are usually done for insurance purposes to protect your unique, expensive jewelry. Mostly every policy will cover the cost of your piece that gets damaged, lost, or stolen. 


Hence gold is an exquisite adornment. Whether you are willing to pay for quality or you are on a budget, you must have one of the gold chains in your wardrobe. 

So don’t forget to check our vast collection of 10k gold chains and 14k gold chains at an affordable price. They do not only add glamour and personality to your look, but they can also instantly turn your regular attire into a classy look.

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