In what year does the Incredibles take place?


The Incredibles is a retro-futuristic animated adventure from director Brad Bird, but what year does the Pixar superhero movie take place?

In what year is Pixar's adventure? The Incredibles set on? The Incredibles is a cinematographic duology that focuses on the family of superheroes that the government forces the government to hide its powers and live a normal life. Brad BirdMission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol) directed both films, and the original was praised for his fantastic action games, but more importantly, his warm humor and acting. Some fans of the Fantastic four He also considered it a superior, albeit unofficial, adaptation of the comics than actual Marvel & # 39; s First Family movies.

Despite ending with a great sequel, it took over a decade Incredibles 2 that happened, that was part of a wave of Pixar sequels that included Finding Dory and Toy Story 4. The 2018 follow-up sees Mr. Incredible (Craig T. Nelson, Elf) babysitting while Holly Hunter's Elastigirl has a chance to shine. Incredibles 2 It is a great animated adventure, although it did not get the acclaim it received from the original. While there's always a chance a third movie will happen, after coming out of a solid series of sequels, it seems that for now, Pixar will focus on original efforts like 2020. Ahead.

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The Incredibles The franchise takes place in a charming, retro-futuristic world that resembles the kind of future imagined in the 1950s and 1960s. None of the films has a solid date in the dialogue about what year or decade it takes place in, although at first From the original movie, Mr. Incredible is seen looking at a newspaper, and eagle-eyed viewers will notice that he says 1962 on it.

Given the fashion and vehicles seen in the world of The Incredibles, the '60s stage, with some added futuristic bells and whistles, makes sense. That said, Brad Brad later revealed in a 2018 Bustle interview that ""I probably wouldn't have put 1962 in the newspaper if I thought it would come out, "and that he really didn't want the film to take place in a specific year. In his opinion, the 1962 date seen in the newspaper was a fun Easter egg and not necessarily a canon, so it would be better than the viewers They will ignore this detail completely.

So while both The Incredibles films technically takes place in 1962, that date is not necessarily set in stone. Brad Bird's next movie has yet to be confirmed, but it is highly unlikely Incredibles 3, and he is currently working on an animated / live-action hybrid for his next movie.

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