Increase Productivity When Working from Home

2020 was the year many of us experienced working from home for the first time and whilst feelings around home working are mixed, one thing we can all agree on is that it has been challenging for business leaders and employees. With that being said, what can managers do to help increase productivity when working from home?

This post will look at three tips that will help to keep your team motivated, so their work is the best it can be.

Tip 1 – Surprises

Although you are not with your staff at this time, it is still possible to plan a surprise break or early finish. On occasion it may even be possible to plan a surprise delivery such as fresh baked goods or a beverage. 

Small treats like this can make people smile and brighten up what would usually be a mondain Wednesday.

Tip 2 – Flexibility

We have pinched this tip from getFLG, which basically looks at new working times. Even before the pandemic hit, ‘flexi-time’ was becoming somewhat of a buzz word and now people are demanding this more than ever.

Having flexible working hours allows people to have a great work-life balance which in turn, can make people happier and more productive. Although this is currently seen as a benefit, soon this may be considered the normal routine.

Tip 3 – Be Positive

Complimenting people can be done from the comfort of your own home and is very easy to do.

Simply implement it into your daily routine and rather than look for problems, look for positives and solutions. This tactic will ensure you use positive language and encourage discussion amongst your workforce.

There you have it, three top tips to help increase productivity when working from home. Now all that’s left to do is put these tips into practice by communicating changes around or by planning that surprise. More tips on how to increase productivity can be seen below.

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