India makes use of new rules for regulating online content

India has set new regulations for social media companies along with digital streaming websites. The new set of rules are going to make them more dutiful and accountable with respect to sharing online content on their platforms. Eventually, government will have more of ‘say’ 

The new regulation as per the version of the Information Technology Ministry opines that the content which is unlawful will be deleted from social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

There is going to be a highly strict mechanism which will give impetus to the government to ban the content which it feels is contradicting “the sovereignty and integrity of India”

The regulations will highly give powers to social media companies to play their part in helping the investigations taking place by India’s law enforcement agencies. The recent case where Twitter accounts have been blocked relates to the ones which spoke in favor of farmer protests. 

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As per the information technology minister Ravi Shankar, the new regulations are primarily needed for the security as well as sovereignty of India.

It makes the social media companies more dutiful in their approach where they are going to remove illegal content within the minimal time as per their capacity. The probable time limit is set at 36 hours, after the company receives a legal or government order. 

As per the new rule, social media platforms are also directed to appoint grievances and chief compliance officers who are going to address the complaints. 

They have to be India citizens and are supposed to send monthly reports, so as to keep the government up to date with the scenario. 

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Prasad while addressing a conference said that although government has a welcoming approach when anyone criticize it and the same goes for it to dissent. Likewise, it is also important that users should have a forum where they can put forth their grievances on a public platform against the misuse of social media.

It also enforces a response for the social media sites to disclose the original source of any mischievous information doing the rounds. 

However, the claim of government to find out the original source actually undermines the rights of the person as he will more probably feel that his conversations are groped. 

The new set of regulations are going to be implemented within a span of three months. 

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The same rule will be enforced on the digital streaming platforms like that of Amazon Prime and Netflix. 

There has been a standoff which Twitter had with the government earlier this month when it confronted while being asked to remove certain accounts with the likes of journalists, politicians, activities etc. Twitter cited the reason for not removing the account as ‘right and freedom of speech’.

The government seems to be highly concerned about the provocative hashtags which are regularly spreading misinformation relating with the farmers’ protests.
The actions of Twitter has been irritating the government over the years which the government as a result has come in the front to tighten its grip over social media.

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