Indiana Jones 5 will solve part of Indy's story, says Harrison Ford


Indiana Jones 5 It will solve a part of the iconic character's story. Harrison Ford revealed the news in a recent interview. Ford has been quite open about his enthusiasm for returning to the character and fans have been waiting a long time to receive news about the next sequel. It has been in development for years and many assumed that it was simply not going to happen for several reasons.

Harrison Ford previously revealed that Indiana Jones 5 It will start shooting in the next two months. Now, he is giving us some information about what awaits us when the movie hits theaters. Ford is not revealing anything, but it seems very significant to his character. He explains.

"Well, I will not share the story with you because that does not seem like a good idea. But we will see new developments in your life, your relationship. We will see part of your story resolved."

What part of Dr. Jones's story will we see resolved in Indiana Jones 5? This could have something to do with Karen Allen's character Marion, but Harrison Ford did not clarify. Could Short Round appear? We haven't seen or heard from him since Temple of Perdition. Whatever the case, Ford is very happy with the script. "It's a very good script. I'm looking forward to it," he said. Jonathan Kasdan worked more recently on that script. Hopefully we get more information in the coming months.

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Harrison Ford also recently returned to the Star Wars franchise for a surprise role in The rise of Skywalker. Many fans thought he could return, but wondered how J.J. Abrams would make it. He certainly wasn't a Ghost of the Force, because Ford doesn't know or care what that is. Instead, he is back in the memory of Ben Solo for a touching scene of father and son. When asked why he returned to the franchise, Ford said Abrams can be very persuasive, while pointing out that he wanted to help boost the story of Adam Driver's character alone.

Indiana Jones It is scheduled to be released in theaters on July 9, 2021. With Harrison Ford at 77 this year, it will be great to see him again in the legendary fedora. The actor is really excited to return to the role, so hopefully he won't get hurt like he did while doing the 2015 years The awakening of the force. There are no millennium falcons in the Indiana Jones franchise, so it should be totally fine. The interview with Harrison Ford was originally conducted by IGN. Ford can be seen in theaters later this week in The call of nature.

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