India’s Kumbh Mela festival begins!

Even though the Covid concerns are still on, thousands of pilgrims gather on the banks of the river Ganges in India at the beginning of the Kumbh Mela and thus, it got the title of the largest human gathering ever seen! One of the auspicious events in Hinduism culture is going to be held this year, and people are not escaping the reason to go out and gather all together. Hundreds of people. Athe on the day and the main motto behind this is to seek away the sins and wash them off. Certainly, it is a common belief that still exists among the people. Although the officials have been saying that they are abiding by the rules and regulations of the pandemic, to our utter surprise, we could see that most of the bathers were not wearing masks. 

The US has got more number of Covid cases than that of India, but alongside, it is not that India has got lower death rates than a lot of other nations, and it is not in lockdown. The mela (meaning “fair” in Hindi) is very significant to the Hindu culture and it is being held in the northern holy town of Haridwar which happens to be situated in Uttarakhand state. A Sadhu or a Hindu Holy man usually sits beside a graffiti on the banks of the Ganges river at the time of Makar Sankranti which is considered as a day that is extremely significant to the Hindu mythology and religion as a whole. This year, it is observed on the first day of the Kumbh Mela festival he elf in Haridwar on 14th of January 2021. 

According to our sources, several pilgrims arrived at the Har ki Pauri which happens to be a famous bank of the river Ganges in Haridwar. The festival is conducted at 3 PM local time and the bathing occasion begins an hour later than that. Tens of thousands of people were gathered at the spot of the event, but the authorities were seen to discourage the large crowds, all because of the Covid 19 situation. The Indian security personnel were standing while guarding the banks on the day to ensure that everything is in proper order. Even a volunteer was checking the temperature of the devotees and the district officials have repeatedly warned the people to come at the spot only if they have been tested Covid negative.

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