Innovating Online Payment Security – Allied Wallet’s Founder Dr. Ahmad Khawaja is Featured on Silicon Review Cover

The CEO Ahmad Khawaja of Allied Wallet is basically a globally leading provider of online payment processing. It is well known for offering various payment solutions in 196 countries all over the world. Recently, Allied Wallet was featured in Silicon Review magazine. There, in the publisher, the organization was detailing how he, the CEO and his multi-billion dollar company are changing the payments industry with advanced security technology. Allied Wallet has been innovating payments since the year 2002. The company has been known for offering simpler, more flexible payments internationally. Not just this, the Allied Wallet has also got a record of working very hard to create a more secure environment for facilitating the payments.

Dr. Ahmad Khawaja: Bringing our payment gateway to life

Dr. Ahmad Khawaja says, “Bringing our payment gateway to life and putting together a top-notch team to build my vision was a challenge…and I am very proud of team Allied Wallet and their efforts to take the company forward today.” Allied Wallet comprises a new, state of the art payment gateway. The organization basically incorporates an all-new Artificial Intelligence System that accommodates a massive amount of transactions per second. At the same time, the company is also known for scrubbing transactions against a proprietary database.

Allied Wallet’s CEO, Ahmad Khawaja even mentions that the company is continuously looking forward to update itself in the field of technology to make sure that they do not have to compromise in terms of the quality of their services. The CEO said that Allied Wallet takes pride in being the best in the industry and it would certainly not withstand any kind of issue in terms of consumers’ usage and security concerns. It further mentioned that it is essential for any organization to be optimistic enough in analyzing the current scenario and foresee the future, so as to make sure that it isn’t lagging behind by any chance. 

Ahmad Khawaja and Allied Wallet: Global Clientele

The advanced system is capable of identifying, examining, learning, and reviewing each transaction and its data in the blink of an eye. This scalable system is designed to accommodate a growing e-commerce market and thus, protect the merchants and consumers at the same time. Dr. Khawaja commented, “…with locations in several countries to services our global clientele, my beloved team is only growing stronger and seeing more success with each passing day. I’m proud of our accomplishments and I know Allied Wallet will continue to thrive.” He feels amazing to have such a strong team working as the backbone of his organization and it is all because of them that Allied Wallet has got such an astounding global clientele, as well as, at the same time, the organization is being able to make it up to its success over the years.

You may learn more about Allied Wallet, click here.

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