Innovative Uses of Lanyards For Individuals, Businesses and Institutions

Lanyards are essentially identification tools; they work well with ID cards and badges and are used by everyone. From staff members of a multinational organization to bankers, students to fast-food retailers; we get sufficient evidence that lanyards are a popular and effective identity carrying device.

Commonly worn around the neck, lanyards can be worn around the arm, wrist, and waist also. Moreover, lanyards come with different attachment hooks and clips for securely fastening the items we want to carry around – these may include something as small and light-weight as a pen or a key to heavy objects like mobile phones, camera, and important things such as a credit card. How one wishes to incorporate multifaceted lanyards in life is an individualistic decision but if you need inspiration continue reading.

Safest Identity Display

Neck lanyards are specifically beneficial for the wearer because they reduce the risk of losing ID cards. We all have to suffer the hassle of fishing out ID cards from pockets and wallets at security checkpoints. Furthermore, some of us had to re-apply for a new ID because we dropped our wallets or simply forgot them at the counter while paying for the goods. Hence a lanyard is the safest place to keep your ID, which is easily accessible and can be viewed whenever required. A high-quality lanyard can be bought online by 4inlanyards that is customizable, durable, and comfortable.

Security Device

Government and educational institutions set precedents by using lanyards of specific designs as a security strategy. The security personnel only let those people into the respective buildings who displayed the unique ID holder lanyards while those who did not have the “security code lanyard” were filtered out. This successful security strategy is now being adopted by corporate organizations and multiple businesses. The best part is that these lanyards can be bought in bulk rates and are easily affordable by small businesses that cannot hire extra staff for identification checks; and organizations that have limited security budgets.

Publicity & Marketing Tool

Lanyards are useful for a vast range of activities. From networking to branding to promoting businesses and attracting an audience. More and more businesses are gradually realizing its marketing potential and are opting to imprint their contact information, offered services, and trademarks on the lanyards.

The distinguished corporate events and business expos are a huge marketing landscape where keeping track of the companies is difficult for visitors. Custom badge holders are a quick way to introduce the company to the participants and attendees of an event. For businesses, it is of the utmost importance to gain and retain the attention of their potential clients. They can increase their value by customizing convention names, names of sponsors, and logos on the lanyards. Your simplistic advertising giveaway will leave a positive and lasting impact of your brand on the customers and they will remember your company.

Recipe of Unity, Professionalism & Organization

In large events the flow of people is great and companies use lanyards to recognize their staff members. Hence lanyards itself work as an ID document when the need arises. Your staff will look extremely professional in their tailored suits that are accessorized with personalized lanyards. Since all of them will wear identical lanyards it would make them feel united and give them the confidence to compete with business rivals.

Trade show organizers can carry a pile of business cards in lanyards to immediately give away without having to hoard pockets and wallets. Lanyards will provide the necessary organization that your staff needs to look adept and efficient.


Lanyards became everyday essentials first for individuals and now for businesses.  We see a broad spectrum of lanyard uses for identification, security checks, and brand recognition. Sometimes they are employed to distinguish between visitors and company employees. While in retail businesses they help customers to locate the right person for help. Ubiquitous and versatile they have the potential of becoming your partner in all aspects of life.

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