Insane Ghostbusters Artbook celebrates the iconic franchise with completely new original art


With a new Ghostbusters movie on the way this summer, Ghostbusters Hype again with full force (have you ever really left?). While sitting patiently and waiting, the Ghostbusters: Art Book, one of the richest and most amazing tributes to Ghostbusters Once created, this spring will arrive to keep you up with the tide until the new movie arrives.

Ghostbusters: Art Book It is an original, fully illustrated celebration of the iconic film franchise, featuring hundreds of unique art pieces commissioned from around the world. The book highlights more than 170 illustrators, all contributing art never seen before to this complete and unique collection. Ghostbusters: Art Book offers a carefully selected look within the cultural phenomenon that is Ghostbusters. Released on May 5, 2020, the book will cost $ 39.99.

Celebrating the spectacularly spooky and delightfully silly Ghostbusters universe, this 208-page hardcover art book features a treasure trove of original works of art inspired by success Ghostbusters. It brings together brilliant artists from the world of animation, comics, fine arts and beyond.

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The expected sequel to Summer 2020 Ghostbusters: Afterlife makes this the perfect time for fans of the supernatural saga to ask "Who are you going to call?" and add this essential art book to your collection. Can't wait for Ghostbusters 2020? No problem. You can pre-order Ghostbusters: Artbook right now!

Insight Editions is pleased to partner with the house of Sony Pictures GhostCorps and Media Development Printed in Blood to bring together brilliant artists from the world of animation, comics, fine arts, graphic design and other disciplines for an unmissable collectible book.

Ghostbusters art book
Ghostbusters Artbook # 1
Ghostbusters Artbook # 2
Ghostbusters Artbook # 3
Ghostbusters Artbook # 4
Ghostbusters Artbook # 5
Ghostbusters Artbook # 6
Ghostbusters Artbook # 7
Ghostbusters Artbook # 8

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