Insatiable Debby Ryan canceled after two seasons on Netflix

Debby Ryan

The insatiable Debby Ryan canceled after two seasons on Netflix

Following InsatiableAt the second premiere of the second season in October, TVLine reports that Netflix has officially decided not to renew Lauren Gussis's revenge comedy series for teenagers.

Starring former Disney star Debby Ryan, the first season faced a controversy when viewers accused her of shaming her main character, which led to the creation of an online application for cancellation. However, even though the petition obtained more than 200,000 signatures, Insatiable Netflix still gave a renewal of the second season.

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Last season, we found Patty dealing with, well, a lot. Her past haunted her, and her struggle to be "good" became increasingly difficult as she fought her inner demons. And Bob, well, was helping her cover up Christian's murder, but how far would her loyalties go? Would you still allow your romantic relationships, professional ambitions and integrity to take a beating, just to help Patty pursue her contest dreams? And when the beauty queens began to disappear, who was to blame? Patty's wrath? Or was there more at stake?

From the writer Lauren Gussis (Right handed, Once Upon a time), Ryan Seacrest Productions and Storied Media Group, Insatiable It is a dark and twisted "coming of rage" story starring Debby Ryan, Dallas Roberts and Alyssa Milano. For years, Patty (Ryan) has been intimidated, ignored and underestimated by those around her because of her weight. But now that she is suddenly thin, Patty is seeking revenge against anyone who has ever made her feel bad about herself.

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Insatiable starring Debby Ryan (Jessie), Dallas Roberts (Dallas Buyers Club), Alyssa Milano (Lovers), Christopher Gorman (2 broken girls), Erinn Westbrook (In a world), Michael Provost (Elbow grease), Kimmy Shields (Girlboss), Irene Choi (The perfect boy) and Sarah Colonna (Has anyone seen my pants?)

The series was created by Lauren Gussis (Right handed) for Netflix. Gussis was executive producer with Ryan Seacrest (American Idol), Nina WassShades of blue), Andrea Shay (Withdrawn from game), Todd Hoffman (The confirmation), Dennis Kim (APB) and Andy Fleming (Barefoot)

Both stations are available for streaming on Netflix.


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