Intelligence about the Russian reward plot was included in the President's Daily Report earlier this year, according to the source.


The assessment, the source said, was supported by "various data" that supported the view that the Russian intelligence unit, the GRU, made an effort to pay rewards for killing US soldiers, including the interrogation of Taliban detainees. and electronic eavesdropping. The source said there was other information that did not corroborate this view, but said, nonetheless, "This was a big problem. When it comes to US troops, they are 100% chasing him, with everything he has."

Trump is not known to read the President's Daily Report completely or regularly, something that is well known within the White House.

The information was serious enough for National Security Council staff to hold a meeting during the spring to discuss "possible response options," including sanctions, if intelligence developed to the point it considered ready to bring the President. Faced with any possible action, the official said.

He pressed Monday if the information was included in the President's Daily Report, the written document that includes the most important and urgent information from the intelligence community, White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany said Trump "was not personally informed. "

The intelligence community and the United States military are investigating for further corroboration and whether National Security Council personnel can recommend response options. The source said the White House now claims that the leak will ruin the opportunity for a real response.

"There is no consensus within the intelligence community" on whether Russia offered to pay rewards to the Taliban for killing US troops, McEnany said. There is a "disagreement" within the intelligence community about intelligence, which she insisted had not reached Trump's desk because "it was not verified."

The source tells CNN that intelligence of this nature at risk to US troops must be assumed to be true until the contrary is known.

This is a breaking story and will be updated.


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