Intel's latest RealSense LiDAR camera is designed for inventory logistics – Newsdio


Intel today introduced the latest addition to its RealSense line. The L515 is about the size of a softball, specifically aimed at warehouse logistics, an enormously important and increasingly automated aspect of world trade.

Other potential applications for the new camera include retail, medical care, 3D scanning and robotics. The small hockey puck is capable of scanning a scene and creating a cloud of points with millions of points deep per second, by Intel, a pretty impressive specification, given its size.

By Intel,

The L515 is one of a kind, providing constant high accuracy in the supported range of 0.25m – 9m. It also provides more than 23 million accurate depth pixels per second, with a depth resolution of 1024 x 768 at 30 frames per second. The Intel RealSense L515 lidar camera has an internal vision processor, motion blur reduction artifacts and short photon latency at depth. The lightweight L515 consumes less than 3.5 watts of power, allowing easy mounting on portable devices with the flexibility of a long-lasting battery. Always ready to use, the L515 retains its depth accuracy throughout its life without the need for calibration.

The new RealSense discovers that the company is spending its operations in the massively profitable logistics world, following similar cameras designed for drones, robotics and a large number of consumer hardware applications, including AR and VR.


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