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Introducing the Academy.

We make guides for games; Our friends on our sister site make guides for life. That is, if your goal in life is to make video games, or enter the video game industry. has just launched a new section called The Academy with tips on how to get a job in business, whether in journalism, marketing or production, as well as practical guides on how to create games and how to finance and monetize. and promote them.

The launch content of the section includes guides on the use of Unity, Unreal, GameMaker and CryEngine; labor advice to get work in public relations games, game press and game design; and an extensive guide on tax relief in video games in the UK (I can only speak with authority in the game press guide, but there are many good tips there!)

In the coming weeks, guides on game tests, work with Chinese partners, investment, event marketing, good practices in the workplace and much more will be added. Many of the guides will be ideal for students or people at the beginning of a career in games, but there will also be some more advanced pieces.

Interested? Go to the Academy and browse, or check the history of GI for more information.

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