Interview with Allied Wallet CEO Andy Khawaja – Featured in London Technology

Interview with Allied Wallet CEO Andy Khawaja - Featured in London Technology

Dr Andy Khawaja who is renowned as the CEO of the Allied Wallet, the digital pioneer in the industry of online payment processing is recently featured on the London Technology. Undoubtedly, he has been the mastermind of this amazing transformation that has taken business into a whole new level altogether. It is none other than the handwork and consistency of his team that has made it possible for him to grow as one of the most successful entrepreneurs. Dr Andy Khawaja was seen to discuss the current state of his e-commerce merchant services and payment processing solutions company, Allied Wallet in the MediaPlanet’s London Technology. He had also left his pinions on the fin tech industry and London as a global tech hub in his interview with the same.

Allied Wallet: Promised to offer secure online transactions

During the course of the interview, Dr Andy Khawaja said that he has always been motivated to start this business. Although he had to encounter a lot of challenges in bringing the business to the level where we see it today, but nothing could demotivate or stop him anyway. Dr Andy Khawaja further said to the London Technology that he had never seen the internet to come up with some secure and easy tool or medium to conduct the online transactions prior to his success of Allied Wallet. Thus, he got an idea to start building a technology that could make it possible, which ultimately paced the path to Dr Andy Khawaja s success of Allied Wallet.

Allied Wallet: Give the youth a chance!

Dr Andy has always been a kind of person who seems to show excitement in all that comes his way. He has always been inspiring in his speech, and thus, the positivity that he brings around, is worth an appreciation. He further said that technology is all about creativity and thus, one should never giving up any idea, in case anything pops up in your mind. He further said that today’s youth has all the potentials. They are smart and talented as well. All that they need is a platform to perform and thus, we ought to encourage them and they could grow up as some of the most successful entrepreneurs. We just need to give them a chance and thru can do wonders!

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