Investigative agency questions the Play billing system of Google Pay

Investigative agency questions the Play billing system of Google Pay

A detailed probe has been ordered by Competition Commission of India against Internet giant Google as the investigative agency has claimed that the latter has made the use of unfair practices with its payment system.

We all know that Google Pay is a renowned digital payment system which has significantly raised the highest degree of popularity over recent times. However, the recent question mark has certainly raised few eyeballs. 

The detailed probe has been underway by its Director General for using anti-competitive practices while continuing with its operations.

If the section 4 of the Competition Act is to be seen, then it clearly relates to the fact that there shouldn’t be unethical practices being followed while dominating the market. 

The news gains significance over the concerns of Indian app developers which have raised their objections over the move of Google on charging 30 percent commission on paid apps as well as In-App purchases. 

This concern has been greatly voiced as they are of the opinion that app developers can’t forcibly sell digital services like this. 

However, the spokesperson for Google Pay is optimistic about CCI that it will eventually find that GPay operates in a transparent manner and owes its success to giving safe and simple payment scenario.

He said further about how Google Play isn’t an exception when it comes to various distribution channels which are there for apps. Users readily choose the Google Play as they find it to be safe and secure and meet their expectations. The masses have found it to be quite an obvious choice for their daily transactions as they have made their choice willingly. 

The billing system of the Play offers a basic requirement which revises our system for a continued investment in order to create successful operations. 

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