iPhone 11 rumors: Apple to steal hearts with this impressive concept?

iPhone 11 specifications

An impressive concept of iPhone 11 was recently released by an independent designer and device is thought to steal the hearts of every Apple fan there is. The futuristic concept presents a re-branded Apple phone which incorporates advanced technology packed in an incredible-looking body.

The inspiration of becoming the king of smartphones will make Apple think about ameliorating it with ideal upgrade list. Let us see what the concept is which could make them the kings in the smartphone industry.

The biggest modification that they target is to see some innovative changes in the notch; the year 2018 has seen almost every brand experimenting with a notch on their flagships. However, Apple has gone beyond the imagination to drift the notch to the upper-left corner of the screen to maximize the screen real estate. As per to the concept of iPhone 11 the minimized notch would also contain a high-performance camera that would maintain the popular Face ID system which was released with the iPhone X.

The Apple logo seems to sit at the rear side, as usual, however, it seems they have added 4 individual cross cameras under which they have equipped a Xenon LED. Latest thing which we can get to experience on iPhone 11 is the high-power telephoto lens that sits under the LED and the device would use an advanced algorithm to shoot the best possible picture in any given situation.

Another great improvement that we will get to see is the Apple pencil that could fit inside the phone itself, in order to access it whenever there is need of it. The stylus will be connected to the phone via a low-energy Bluetooth module and it could be used as a remote to wake the device without touching the power button. The one thing Apple fans were longing for is going to transpire very soon, the desire for the Apple pencil for Apple iPhone emerged when Apple introduced the Pencil to iPad pro.

The above statements are pure imaginations and a concept which the designer thinks will be accomplished

Unravelling the concept

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 While the idea of the design looks absolutely promising and no one could compete with its elegance it looks the changes proposed by the designer to materialize looks quite thin. Apple has nonetheless been best at experimenting things however the moves proposed looks bold even for the Cupertino based firm.


The concept of shifting the notch to the top left corner looks like an easy task, however, they could even surprise us with shifting the notch to the right side of the screen.  Whichever side they shift, we are sure that the competition will see an immediate adjustment to the change.

The cross camera although looks like a beautiful concept but having like 4 cameras in an iPhone is a lot to ask from the Tech giants. One thing is clear that even if they do not come up with an amazing 4 camera concept, they will surely still make the iPhone click better stills with an advanced AI.

To know which concept is going to materialize we have to wait until some of the company officials makes an announcement or give some insight on their upcoming model.

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