iPhone 12 review: After spending my first 48 hours with the smartphone

iPhone 12 review

A few of the people I know got stuck in the iPhone 4s to 5s era and are deciding to come out of it after the release of iPhone 12. Well, it happens to be that most of the iPhone users have loved the flat edges of iPhone 4s and 5s. For all of those people praying for Apple to release a phone similar to that but with a big screen, Apple has heard your prayers. The result being iPhone 12. Now, let me give you a short review on what differences I’ve noticed in the iPhone 12 after spending 48 hours on it. 

New and improved retail box 

First thing I noticed is the retail box being way slimmer than ever. The reason being apple removing the power brick and earphones. I really am not interested in taking the power brick or earphones out of the box. Because I don’t need them, I’d rather use my air pods than the earphones. 

OLED screen 

Older model, which is iPhone 11 has a LCD display, which makes upgrading into OLED a really good decision. If you’re transitioning from iPhone 4s or 5s you’ll definitely see a lot of difference. 

The 4s inspired design 

The cycle of iPhone’s is going back for good. Because I really loved the flat edges of the iPhone 4 and 5, (this was the reason for me to transition). This makes me really happy seeing the same design in iPhone 12. 

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