iPhone 12 Versions: Rumoured specifications prior to 2019 iPhone release

iPhone XII features

Though we are months away from the arrival of 2019 iPhones, the buzz for 2020 iPhones or most likely to be called as iPhone 12 Versions are at ablaze. Apple is expected to redo the same designs for the iPhone XS and XR successors, but all three models should get various upgrades to the hardware and camera features. However, Apple is also expected to come up with a new iPhone design next year. Being the fans, we are, it is never too early to speculate on what the 2020 iPhones will look like and we already have one reason to be excited about them.

A report from Digitimes says that Apple will launch three OLED iPhones next year. Apple’s cheapest new iPhone is the iPhone XR which is a more powerful handset than almost any Android Flagship and features the same hardware as the XS models. But the iPhone XR also comes with an LCD screen of thicker edges than the XS and XS Max phones. By replacing LCD with OLED, Apple could further refine the design of its cheapest iPhone.

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According to the report from Digitimes,  the versions of iPhone 2020 or iPhone 12 will have different screen sizes, including 5.42-inch, 6.06-inch, and 6.67-inch sizes than the iPhone XS and XS Max display sizes (5.8-inch and 6.5-inch, respectively) and the iPhone XR (6.1-inch).

iPhone 12

There are possibilities that the 5.42-inch 2020 iPhone will be the cheaper device compared to the 6.06-inch version. The handset will embed the cost-trimming solutions, either a Samsung Y-Octa or LG TOE touch technology.

The sources indicate, Y-Octa is a new-aged mouldable AMOLED display technology that removes the film substrate and allows the touch circuit to be directly patterned on the film’s encapsulation layer, making the display thinner which will make the smallest 2020 iPhone more affordable than the premium models, even after upgrading to an OLED screen.

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The OLED display is considered the most expensive element and one of the reasons why the iPhone X, iPhone XS, and iPhone XS Ma are so expensive.
Also, for the waiting iPhone users, a 5.42-inch OLED iPhone might be more appealing to those than iPhone SE successors.


According to the report, while LG Display and BOE are still fighting for Apple orders, Digitimes claims Samsung Display likely remain as Apple’s primary OLED screen supplier.

There have been many analysis about the 2020 iPhone designs based on the accuracy of new screen sizes, and also that Apple is already developing new designs for the iPhone. The most talked about modifications on upcoming iPhones are the smaller (or no) notches on display with thinner edges.

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There is no doubt that this year’s “iPhone 8” or popularly calles as iPhone X is certain to showcase some of the most dramatic design changes to the iPhone’s overall look in years, we’re even more m for what’s to come by the end of the decade and certain that they will sell like crazy as well.

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