IPhone recovery may soon become much more practical


Apple seems to be testing the functionality of resetting the iPhone or iPad to factory default settings by phone.

The claim is based on information that seems to come in the third beta version of iOS 13.4.

In fact, Beta mentions a function called "Recovery of the operating system", which seems to be a way to restore iOS and Apple devices over the network. It also seems possible to connect the device to another iPhone or iPad.

Today, if an Apple device is to be restored, the user must connect the device to the computer. In the future, if the operation could be carried out directly through the network, this would greatly facilitate the operation.

It would make the recovery very similar to the Apple Migration Assistant currently running on Mac.

And especially Apple products like Apple Watch or HomePod smart speakers would benefit greatly from the functionality claimed now.

But since this is just a beta ad, so far Apple seems to be testing the issue and may even decide not to officially add it. Hopefully, it will look like part of the iOS updates in the future.

Source: 9To5Mac


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