Is dry dog food actually healthy?

dry dog food in bowl on white background top view.

If you’re like me, a dog owner who wants the absolute best for their furry little friend, you want to feed them the healthiest food possible to ensure they stay happy and healthy, but if your furry friend does become sick or injured, Bivvy pet insurance can help pay for the expense.

Last night as the pellets pattered onto the porcelain I thought to myself, is this actually good for my dog? The short answer is YES, it is!

The benefits of dry dog food

  • Plaque and other nastiness is removed from their teeth with each chomp. They’ll have beaming pearly whites in no time. Say goodbye to that nasty breath.
  • No need to store it in the fridge. No more weird smells. Remember when you ate some by mistake? Oh yes you do…
  • You can buy in bulk with no worries about it spoiling. Why not fill up your bunker for the next pandemic! It lasts years!
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I look down at my good boy, his little eyes beaming up at me after scoffing his dinner. His teeth do look very clean. His coat is as glossy as ever, and his tail? Wagging like a dancing inflatable outside a car dealership. Maybe dry food is the way to go after all.


But then I thought about the health side of things. I myself, hopefully like you, don’t eat pellets for dinner. Why would I when there’s hot and fresh food available?

Why then does my dog seem to thrive on nothing but little brown crunchy things and the occasional spillage licked off the kitchen floor? Well…

All dog foods branded and sold in supermarkets have to meet certain requirements outlined by the American Kennel Club. This means they all by law, should contain:

  • Protein, such as beef, poultry, fish, and eggs
  • Carbohydrates in the form of grain or cereal, sometimes rice
  • Vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants
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Your best bet is to look for a dried food with a protein source listed as the first ingredient. Something you recognise is always good. No mystery meat!

Fun fact! dogs have about a sixth of the amount of tastebuds that we do. They really don’t mind the same thing every day. A bit like me.

The competition

Lately it seems everywhere I look I see gravy, meat, and peas cascading out of can, offering the glossiest coats and the waggiest tails. It can’t all be true, can it?

No matter how hard I try, those commercials still live rent free in my head.

I can see all the dogs all running to the same bowl. The Afghan Hound with hair better than mine. The fluffy little Westie licking his lips after polishing off the whole bowl. Why is it that wet food gets all the marketing? Ask yourself that. Need a clue? It rhymes with honey.

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But, wet foods do have their benefits, of course:

  • Their higher water content means your pup will be better hydrated after eating. If your dog is anything like mine it may forget to drink. Wet food could be the solution.
  • Smell and taste is improved for the eater. That’s the dog, not you.
  • As the food contains more water for the same calories, this helps make it less likely for your dog to overeat. Dog yoga not working? Give wet food a shot.

The takeaway

If your question was if dried food can be healthy, the answer is a resounding yes. The next thing to ask is if you want to also save money, keep the fridge clear, AND avoid smelly breath?

Ultimately, it’s entirely up to you what you feed your dog. Just know that a quality dry food, checked for wholesome ingredients, is as good as any alternative.

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