Is the Batman Batsuit symbol made of the weapon that killed Bruce Wayne's parents?


The batman You can present the weapon that killed Bruce Wayne's parents in the new Batsuit design. DC fans received a new surprise before Valentine's Day from Matt Reeves when he revealed the first Batsuit test footage with Robert Pattinson. Production is underway, which means it's only a matter of time before some unofficial images of the set find their way online, so it was a good way for Reeves and Warner Bros. to beat the leaks. That said, there has been a great reaction to the new suit design.

Some comic book fans believe that the new Batsuit from The batman it looks too much like Reckless, while others are impressed with the way Robert Pattinson looks in the suit, which seems to be a more solid approach than we have seen in the past on the big screen. You can see the seams and it seems to have been leather. While they examine the suit, some eagle-eyed Dark Knight fans believe they may have found a rather impressive and dark Easter egg.

When looking The batman Symbol embedded in the new Batsuit, seems to have been made with parts of weapons. In Detective Comics # 1000, which is titled Manufacture For Use, it presents a story in which Batman acquires a gun. However, this is not an ordinary weapon. It's the weapon Joe Chill used to kill Bruce Wayne's parents outside the Monarch Theater. In the comic story, Batman melts the weapon and then places it behind his bat symbol for added protection. The weapon is reused from something that caused Bruce Wayne so much pain in something that protects him.

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Batman has had a different relationship with weapons over decades and decades of comic stories. But it seems that The batman You will put all that again on the big screen. Matt Reeves has said several times in the past that history will return the Dark Knight to his detective roots. It will be very interesting to see more of this suit and see if these rumors about the weapon are true. Comic book fans are already quite excited that Reeves even thinks about doing that with the symbol, even if it hasn't been confirmed.

The batman It is currently being filmed in England at this time and it is very likely that we will end up seeing some leaked images of Robert Pattinson in the suit. As for the details surrounding the suit, we will just have to wait for Matt Reeves to explain it to us when the movie hits theaters. For now, we will just have to wait and see, but it seems that Reeves brought a rather dark element of the Dark Knight's comic past and put it in front and center. You can watch the screen test video below and decide for yourself, thanks to Matt Reeves' Vimeo channel.

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