Is The PlayStation 5 Likely to Borrow Any Options From Other Sectors of The Gaming Industry?

The PlayStation 5 release is right around the corner, and expectations are high about the new landmark console from Sony. Since the first model dropped in Japan in 1994, the Tokyo-based tech giant has led the way in the console gaming industry and new generations are met with tantalising levels of anticipation. Any new developments on the PS5 are likely to have a huge impact on the gaming industry as a whole for the next few years, so it will be intriguing to see what fresh ideas Sony has brought to the table. There is a possibility that the new console could synergise with other branches of the gaming industry.

A Lot of Hype Around New Console

Between earlier generations of PlayStation there had been a six-year gap, but that length of time has increased as the products have become more advanced. Players had to wait seven years between the PS3 and PS4, and the same amount of time has passed between the latter and the PS5. The landscape of the gaming industry has progressed a lot in that amount of time, and new consoles not only have to incorporate all the changes but also look to what future technology will be emerging in the near future.

For this reason, the PS5 will be seen as an indicator as to the direction in which the gaming industry is heading, and there is an understandable amount of excitement about what the advanced model will be able to do. In order to whet people’s appetites, Sony has released a number of videos showing a few of the new console’s capabilities. Some of the main points are that there will be virtually no loading time in games, and the controllers will use haptic technology to give players a more realistic feel.

There has also been confirmation about some of the biggest titles that will be dropping on launch day or soon after. These include Far Cry 6, Hitman 3, and Call of Duty: Black Ops – Cold War. Unfortunately, though, there is still no news about GTA 6. From the reveal trailers of these games it is clear that the graphics on the PS5 are unlike any ever seen before. Indeed, at times it may be hard to tell that it is a game because the characters look so realistic.

Poker Title Suggests Possibility of Other Gambling Offerings

As well as continuing to offer its flagship games, it seems that Sony may be trying to attract other demographics to the new console. For instance, in the past, gamblers may have felt underrepresented. One of the most exciting pieces of information about the PS5 for gambling fans is that there is a stunning new poker game heading to the console. Poker Club from Ripstone is the most realistic-looking poker game ever created, and it appears as though it will allow players to make the rise from amateur local player to a World Poker Tour legend.

There have been other poker offerings on PlayStation consoles in the past that have tried to capitalise on the online poker boom. Some, such as Prominence Poker from Pipeworks Studio, were met with a fairly strong critical reception. However, most people agreed that the games were fairly limited in what they could do and were without the thrills of online poker because players weren’t investing real money. Despite the lack of success of poker games on older consoles, if Poker Club is a hit then these past offerings could be made backwards compatible for the new console.

Since the release of the PS4, the online casino industry has ballooned tenfold and is another sector that is hard for Sony to ignore. Live casino is one of the most engaging ways to play casino table games online, and the offerings at Betway such as Live Lighting Roulette and Live Power Blackjack allow players to experience the bustling casino atmosphere in their own homes. There have been some PlayStation titles in the past that have aimed to provide a similar playing vibe, with The Four Kings Casino & Slots from Digital Leisure in 2015 being the most notable offering. Sony may try to piggyback on the success of live casino by commissioning similar games in this vain.

PlayStation 4 Had a Number of Crossovers From Mobile

There is also a chance that there may be crossover games from other branches of the gaming industry. While it seems unlikely that the PS5 will go into partnership with any online casinos, there could be a number of mobile games ported to the new console. This was an occurrence on the PlayStation 4 on a number of occasions.

A well-known series of mobile apps that later became available on PlayStation consoles was Plants vs. Zombies from PopCap Games. Both the original and the sequel were playable on the PS3, and Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare and its successor could be enjoyed on the PS4.

It could be expected that there will be other mobile games brought to the PS5, but will Sony borrow any aspects from other sectors on its new console? There is a chance that the PS5 will be compatible with social media sites so that players can use the VR headset to watch live streaming videos. In addition to that, VR games that are made for other headsets may end up crossing over onto the PS5.

In the seven years since the release of the PS4, both the mobile and gambling industries have boomed exponentially. It will be interesting to see how much these offshoots of the gaming industry are represented on the PS5.

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