World of Warcraft: No Difficulty Settings

Is World of Warcraft hard to play?

Not a lot of gamers take up a long-running MMORPG more than fifteen years after its release. But then again, considering that you’re reading this, you’re probably not like a lot of gamers. So you’re wondering how tough your travels in Azeroth is going to be. Well, whatever the answer may be, it helps to buy WoW gold.

Builds and Specs

To answer the question right off the bat: It depends. This isn’t a play-safe cop-out response; it’s just that the difficulty you’ll experience in World of Warcraft is dependent on your experience as a gamer. If you’ve been playing other MMOs such as Final Fantasy XIV and Elder Scrolls Online, then good news: you’ll feel right at home. Hate it or love it and admit it or deny it, World of Warcraft is one, if not the most influential pioneer of most modern tab-targeting and role-based MMORPGs. So if this isn’t your first MMORPG, you’re going to feel right at home.

However, if you haven’t played an MMO before, there is one thing you need to know first: the trinity. In World of Warcraft, classes are divided into three roles: tank, healer, and DPS (damage per second). While it’s pretty self-explanatory, the trouble is that if you aren’t careful, you might make a build that doesn’t solidly fit for a particular role.

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Now, if you have some MMO experience but have only played Final Fantasy XIV or haven’t played a RPG where you’re the one to make up your own build, chances are that you’re going to be quite confused when building up your character. This is because classes in World of Warcraft have specializations, also known as specs, which determine not only their role but also how they fulfill it.

That, however, depends per class. Some classes only have one role despite having multiple specs. Examples include the Mage and the Rogue. On the other hand are the classes whose role depends on the spec. Good examples would be the warrior, which can either be DPS or tank, and the Paladin which can be a tank, DPS, and even healer depending on his or her build.

To make sure your build is seamless and fits a role perfectly, you can either study the talent trees to determine which passives you need, or you can look up all sorts of guides on the internet.

All About Roleplay

The next thing that you might consider as hard would be playing the roles. While all roles are important, it’s undeniable that it’s harder to be a tank and be a healer than to be a DPS, as it’s easier to dish out damage than to monitor your party’s life and heal accordingly while managing mana, as well as keep enemies on you while keeping yourself alive and other party members do things that cause enemies to attack them.

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That, however, doesn’t mean it’s a cakewalk to dish out damage. You also have to do as much damage as possible, as raids have DPS checks where failure means getting wiped out.

It should go without saying that whatever class and role you play, you need to have the WoW Items you need–which means you need to spend WoW gold–and the right skill to play right.

Being One of the Raiders

The last but definitely not the least difficult thing that can be called as such would be raids. This particular content is the pinnacle of PVE challenges, so it makes perfect sense why they feature difficult enemies, especially bosses that have significance to the lore. They not only have much life and therefore take much time before they’re taken down, but also deal much damage and require players to perform certain tasks within the instance to make sure they survive. Plus, players need to watch out for certain cues of powerful attacks, as they usually deal enough damage that will either leave a player with critical health or even outright kill him or her.

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In them, everyone must be coordinated and goal-oriented, so if you got used to games where you can win alone or play with others just for fun, then you might have a bit of trouble in this one. After all, you can’t just do whatever you want and find as enjoyable, as it can possibly cost the success of the raid. Instead, you’ll have to play according to what would be best for the party. And if that means buying cheap WoW gold to get the necessary items beforehand, then you should.

They say that the first step is always the hardest. In World of Warcraft, that is definitely true. So don’t get intimidated with the game’s long history, majority of players being in the endgame, and its mechanics–it’s not going to be too tough for you. Heck, you’re even going to love it exactly because it’s not an easy game!

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