It is rumored that the MCU family actor will play Ghost Rider in Doctor Strange in the madness multiverse


Given its popularity, Marvel didn't really know what to do with Ghost Rider in the MCU until now. Johnny Blaze never appeared correctly, while Gabriel Luna's Robbie Reyes was a success in Protection agents but finally he had his own derivative show, destined to land in Hulu, removed last year. However, a new rumor points to a third version of the Spirit of revenge that appears in Strange doctor in the madness multiverse.

This information comes through 4Chan, so take it as you will, but according to the alleged leak, Danny Ketch's iteration will become the first Ghost Rider to appear in an MCU movie in the sequel. The character, who debuted in the comics in the 1990s, will only have a small cameo in Strange Doctor 2, it is affirmed, without knowing if this is intended to create more appearances or is only an exception.

Something that is confirmed is that it will not even "ignite" during his cameo. While that is disappointing, at least fans will recognize the actor ready to play Ketch in human form. This leak states that Protection agents the star Brett Dalton, who played Grant Ward / Hive in the first seasons of the series, will be the one who plays the hero for his brief role in DS2

Honestly, while Marvel wants to do more with Ghost Rider makes sense, the cast part of this rumor is quite strange. If you want to bring someone from AoS Why not just recover Luna's Ghost Rider, keeping everything connected and avoiding annoying fans by suggesting that the ABC program is not canonical?

The second part of this leak, which will also appear a female Black Panther, in the form of an alternative Shuri, seems a much more feasible idea. But this is Strange doctor in the madness multiverse We're talking, so maybe all bets are canceled when it comes to the movie that will open the doors to the wide and strange Marvel multiverse.

Source: 4Chan (via Reddit)


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