It seems that Disney Plus UK will not have all The Mandalorian episodes at launch


After a long wait, Disney Plus UK finally launches on March 24. An official local Disney Plus Twitter account also appeared, and began to provoke content for the next arrival of the streaming service.

While UK viewers will finally see The Mandalorian months after the US. UU., It seems that we will not get all the episodes at once. The following tweet mentions that The Mandalorian episodes "will begin to develop from March 24," whose wording suggests that the entire 8 episode season will not fall at the same time. Here is the tweet in question:

We have asked Disney UK for clarification on this, and if the episodes will be released weekly as they did in the US. UU.

It would be a shame not to have all the episodes of the Star Wars television show at once, since UK fans have experienced The overload of Baby Yoda memes on social networks, and the season concluded in December 2019 in the US. UU.

Delays in the region will be a minor problem in the future, of course, since the original content can be released simultaneously with the US. UU. The official account mentions this, while explaining that there will be some variation in content between countries, which is already the case with the different Disney Plus libraries.

What about the Simpsons?

Some Internet detectives have realized that Disney UK has not mentioned The Simpsons either in its commercialization, which leads people to believe that the main USP of the US version of having 30 seasons of the program at launch will not be replicated here. However, keep in mind that all this is speculation based on a detail. Watch this trailer for the United Kingdom:

Now compare it with the French equivalent here. The key difference is the absence of a donut image that changes to the & # 39; or & # 39; at the end of the preview, similar to the one seen in the Simpsons Movie logo. We previously asked Disney if The Simpsons will come to Disney Plus UK in January, but we didn't get an answer. Disney Plus in Spain He also presents the donut in his trailer.

We will wait and see at the launch before thinking too much about the situation with The Simpsons, but it is a notable difference between those trailers.

On a more cheerful note, the UK account underlines that we will see classic animated shows like DuckTales, Chip & # 39; n & # 39; Dale, Darkwing Duck and The Gummi Bears at the launch. Disney Plus UK will cost £ 5.99 per month when launched here on March 24, or £ 59.99 per year.


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