Jackson’s brain will be used for CTE research

There are few news which really become a base to be inspired and motivated. Yes, we are referring to the family of Vincent Jackson who set a very great example by donating his brain to researchers at Boston University. They have an aim of unearthing the real cause of death whether the deceased suffered from chronic traumatic encephalopathy. He was a man who was into sports and has carved a niche for himself as he was a three-time Pro bowler with San Diego Chargers and Tampa Bay Buccaneers

There has been a confirmation to the news from a family spokesperson namely Allison Gorrell. He has earlier told The New York Times that Jackson met with an unfortunate and untimely death. Since, he was found lying in a hotel in Florida on Monday morning. Later on, it was confirmed by doctors that he was already dead. 

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The main reason to donate came with an idea to help as many people as they possibly can. While at the same time, the family is looking for answers for few questions, as they present his brain to be researched. 

The mysterious death showcases a grave concern about what has really happed with the man. As there has been an official statement from authorities about him checking into a Homewood Suites, Florida approximately a month prior to him meeting a sudden death. 

As per the official statement, which was released by concerned medical authorities, the hotel staff noted that Jackson was “seated on the couch, slouched over”. He was exactly positioned in the same manner on Saturday and Sunday, to which they thought that he may be sleeping. However, when on Monday, he was noted to be at the same position, this is where, the concerned authorities dialed 911. With respect to the preliminary report, there was no visible signs of any injury marks, except the fact that Jackson is said to have a slight injury on the left tow. He was only 38.

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Considering the peculiarity and mysterious case of the death, the medical examiner has issued a statement that the autopsy report can possibly take lots of months, in order to unearth the exact reason of his death. There can’t be any specific time frame to be given as such. 

However, as the investigation is still underway, there has been a statement from the Jackson’s family who are of the view that he may have suffered from chronic alcoholism. 

Jackson has fairly gathered a lot of recognition and popularity after playing 12 seasons in NFL right from 2005 to 2006. His recognition as a philanthropist and businessman was quite obvious and wide in the whole of Tampa area. 

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He was a man who was financially sound with chain of businesses he was dealing under. Besides owning various restaurants, he equally created a real estate development company. Apart from the same, he was also associated with managing a nonprofit organization, which was working for the noble cause of supporting kids of military. 

It is indeed considered an unfortunate death, as he had a wife along with four children whom he has left behind now. 

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