JBL to launch specially designed endurance range earphones for sports

JBL which is an American audio firm is known to have expanded their market for earphones by launching the new Endurance sports series. This particular range of earphones is known to include four earphones named Sprint, Run, Dive, and Jump. All of these earphones come at a cost of Rs 1599.

These earphones from JBL will be made available both offline and online. One can purchase the headphones online from the official website of the company. The company has appointed PV Sindhu as the brand ambassador for the new earphones launched by JBL.

The JBL Endurance Run earphone is a wired one which features a FlipHook design that provides flexibility while wearing the earphones. The earphone is made sweat proof and is known to cost Rs 1599. The Endurance Run earphone from JBL also features an inbuilt microphone.

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Next in the series is the JBL Endurance Sprint earphone which is known to boast IPX7 rating. The earphones are made waterproof. The earphone features a wireless design along with magnetic earbuds. The cost of the earphone is Rs 3999.

The next earphone in the series is the JBL endurance Jump which is priced at Rs 4799. The earphone features powerhook buds along with a neckband. The powerhook earbuds have the ability to get switched on as soon as the user wears them.

Lastly, the JBL endurance Dive is coming along with an around 1GB onboard storage that can easily store around 200 music tracks. The price of the same is around Rs 6999. An interesting fact is that the product has the similar features to the JBL endurance Jump. Both of these models are known to come along with the capital IPX7 rating.

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In a press statement, the company did state that the Endurance series in relation to the earphones is known to feature up and around 8 hours of minimum playtime. It does come along with fast charging support. The company also claims that the said earphones are offering around 1 hour of playtime by simply charging them for 10 minutes.

To add on to this, the earbuds do support the twist lock technology. The material that is used for the same is Flexsoft comfort fit silicon that dies to enhance the safety and the durability of the earphone. According to Mr. Sumit Chauhan, who is the Vice President of Lifestyle, Audio, Harman India, states that it is an honor in having such a young sports icon in PV Sindhu. It is no doubt that millions of Indians do idolize this sports icon that is now associated with JBL. The brand new JBL Endurance earphones are designed for sportspersons including Ms. Sindhu and other athletes alike. It is also for any and everybody who enjoy growing fit all of their favourite tunes. Combining the technology along with the award-winning and patented ergonomics that is known to withstand some of the most intense athletic performances, JBL Endurance as earphones are offering a wide range of solutions that can simply work with any and every athlete’s routine.

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