Jennifer Aniston celebrating her 50th Birthday alone!

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Jennifer Aniston is planning to celebrate her 50th birthday this month. Yes, the former ‘Friends’ star is turning 50 on 11th February though she still looks young and flawless.

The big 50 turned actress seems excited but from the inside, she is miserable as per the recent rumors. People feel sorry for her as she is lonely, she doesn’t have children and her marriage didn’t work. A source close to Jen says that she is panicking as she is getting old and does not have anybody by her side. She is desperately looking for a new partner.

When asked, she told the media that she is quite happy and excited about her birthday. She is blessed that she is living her dream life no matter what people think. In a recent interview, she said that it is a good time to reflect on her life and goals as she loves celebrating these milestones.

She further said that people have a misconception that she is alone and sad but she does not need to prove anybody anything.

Last year after the breakup with Justin Theroux, she was sad and heartbroken and her birthday was a disaster. Now that she has got over of past, she is planning her birthday in her splendid style.

Jennifer Aniston

Nowadays the award-winning actress is brainstorming the ideas about her upcoming birthday on 11th February. As per the reports she will be hosting a birthday bash at her luxurious mansion. The guest list has names of all the high profile celebrities including Ellen DeGeneres and her friend from ‘Friends’, Courteney Cox.

Seems like she is showing everybody that she is not feeling gloomy anymore and people should not feel sorry for her.

Some sources say that she is not faking her excitement and the reason for her delight is the reunion with ex-boyfriend Brad Pitt who is finally single after getting divorced with Angelina Jolie. If we believe the sources, the popular ex-lovers are back and that is what Aniston always wanted to happen.

On the other hand, people close to Jen says that there is nothing going on between Pitt and Aniston. Anyway, she is looking for younger men nowadays and not looking for a serious relationship!

Keeping her love life aside, the stunning actress deserves great fun this time and we wish her a very happy birthday and a new beau!

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