Jennifer Lopez: Gorgeous Elle shoot

The February 2021 issue of Elle is up and Jennifer Lopez has already started shooting for the same. She looked terribly gorgeous in all the snaps and there is no doubt about it. She is certainly a beauty and even at the age of 51 years, she seems to carry herself so well. It seems that she has been getting younger day by day. Recently, the star was shot rocking in a sexy bodysuit wherein she adorned a high waisted shorts and Jennifer seemed superb hot in all the pictures. She shared her beauty line with the whole world. 

Jennifer Lopez gracing on the cover of the magazine

The actress and singer, Jennifer Lopez who is presently 51 years old graced the cover of the magazine. She had posed for a series of images that highlighted her beauty in a really effortless way. JLo posed on the cover of the issue wherein she was seen to be wearing a light blue body suit that was having sleeves which ran down to her wrists. She even wore matching gloves along with it! 

The “In the Morning” hitmaker did recline in a chair and then, she seemed to have our on her long legs in front and at the center. She sported a translucent strapped heels. Talking about her hairstyle, JLo pulled her hair back in a low, and made a tight bin out of it. She adorned a pair of hoop earrings for the photo shoot. No doubt, the look that she had featured on the cover of the February 2021 issue of Elle was something that anyone would eagerly wait for! 


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Well, that was not just the end. There were several other snaps as well wherein we saw her shining and dazzling in a pair of trendy high waisted shorts. Alongside, she adorned a Dolce & Gabbana white, button down shirt along with shorts that made a pair with her matching pumps. The star seemed to be in a mission to give an opportunity to her fans to indulge with her beauty regiment. JLo said that she had a holistic approach towards her beauty brand and then, she said that she had realised her skin in a better way. She said that she got a point to use a products the JLo Glow which is actually a multitasking serum, and is meant to enhance the glow. 

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