Jim Hopper returns in Stranger Things Season 4 Trailer


Netflix has decided to deliver Strange things Fans from all over the world will receive a Valentine's Day gift this Friday in the form of season 4 preview, which gives us a first look at the images of the next series of the successful supernatural drama that is currently being presented to the cameras. And, what's more, it presents a great revelation that confirms what we have all been theorizing since last summer: Jim Hopper lives!

The 50-second clip takes us to the frozen wastelands of Soviet Russia, with a battered workforce enslaved by the construction of railways. Soldiers armed with vicious dogs watch over them. We look in this bleak scene before stopping at a worker who takes off his hat to take a breath … and reveals himself as Hawkins' own missing police chief. And he has shaved since the last time we saw him.

At the end of season 3, Hopper was caught in the explosion of the Russian machine that was opening a backwards door when it was destroyed. Although the characters cried, with Joyce, her children and Eleven moving away from the town to face their loss, fans did not buy her death for a second. Particularly, when a post-credit sequence revealed a mysterious American prisoner locked in a Russian bunker.

Although this promotion does not 100% confirm that the inmate was Hopper, it suggests that this is the case. Either way, the boss somehow ended up in the country. Maybe he was taken backwards and emerged through another portal in Russia. Either way, it is clear from his determined face at the end of this clip that he will do everything possible to return to the people he loves. Although, how the hell is he going to do that, we have no idea.

Stranger Things 4 It still does not have a release date, but it is believed that it could appear on Netflix sometime towards the end of 2020 / early 2021.


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