Jin Pictures Had Been Removed From Google Search: Know Why?

Kim Seol-Jin
Kim Seol-Jin

South Korean famous singer and Songwriter, Kim Seol-Jin, who had been popular for his stage performances had been removed from google search. On stage, Kim is known by the name of Jin. Jin has been a member and also a vocalist in the team of South Korean boy band named, BTS. The group consisted of seven members. The band was formed in the year 2010, in Seoul. The band was also known by the name of Bangtan Boys. All seven boys enjoyed equal privilege in the band group.

But, recently some fans of BTS came to know that the eldest member of the band, Jin’s data, and also his picture were not available in the search result of BTS band members on google. Earlier on the search result, it shows seven members info, but recently some fans noticed that there are only six member details in recent search results. Fans are wondering and amused to know whether Jin has left the band group. The seventh member, Jin’s, details are missing. Some of the fans even raised questions to google community, why his details are removed. In being searched about the info and names and other details of BTS members, Jin was missing.

The group of seven members of BTS used to rock their songs and music. The performances helped them to make a huge fan base. However, it was lightening earlier about the disbanding of the group two years ago. These lead to several reasons for Jin’s Pictures removal from google page. To know about what happened earlier read the complete article.

Why might Jin have left BTS?

Earlier, it had been revealed by the band members that they are very much likely to break up. Also, it was made clear that in case the band breaks up, Jin would be the first member to do so. The reason behind all this gossip was not any sort of dispute among themselves, but it was the rules in the country. The BTS member revealed through a media portal about the requirement of young men in the military for South Korea. They mentioned that in South Korea it’s natural for men to join the military, who are aged from 18 to 28. But the youngest member of the group, Jin, himself is 26 years old.

 For a military in the South Korea army, the term of service is 21 months, for the air force, it is 24 months and marines also ask for a service of 21 months. However, all the members of the band have exceeded the limit for the mandatory term of service. Therefore, it gives a political reason for the breakup of the group.

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