Job Searcher’s Guide to Online Job Sites

Job Searcher’s Guide to Online Job Sites
Job Searcher’s Guide to Online Job Sites

Searching for a job can be a strenuous task, and we know it. The struggle is real!

It doesn’t matter if your resume itself is enough to dazzle the recruiter. It has to reach the recruiter first. It won’t happen unless you go out there and apply for jobs.  Consequently, we have come up with this brief guide containing the top 5 online job sites which can unquestionably help you secure a job in your dream company.( Read also : 24 Alternative Websites Like HDOnline )

Not only this, but you will also get tips on how to use each website. 

  1. Hiration

Relatively new, Hiration is slowly but steadily making its mark in the job industry. The job site is one of a kind as it has consolidated the entire recruitment cycle on one platform.( Read also: Best Free Music Download Sites You Don’t Want To Miss )

While we are witnessing AI taking the entire tech industry by a storm, this is the only platform that has brought AI into resume building. Its AI-powered online resume builder offers never seen before features such as Auto-bold, auto-completion and AI-powered resume review. 

Along with a niche job-board & resume builder, the site offers a cover-letter builder and a personal website builder. 

Job searchers can apply various filters such as location and salary to optimize their search. 

The applicants get access to ready-to-use resumes and cover letter content templates made by the industry experts. Once they have rewritten their resume, they can use the job-board to get one step closer to their dream job. 

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No wonder it is the most popular website when it comes to job-hunt. With over 200 million monthly job seekers from 60+ countries across the globe, Indeed offers the most comprehensive and diverse talent pool of job seekers.

As of now, Indeed is the only website (in addition to Glassdoor) which has a provision for employees to leave anonymous reviews of their former/current companies for other job seekers and potential employees. 

Not only this, but employers can also post openings directly over there.

All you need to do is add your job title and preferred location. Upload your resume and be ready to get email alerts matching your target profile! 

  1. LinkedIn

Dating back to 2003, LinkedIn has already registered 500 million members across 200 countries. 

LinkedIn is undoubtedly the best social networking website for professionals looking to connect with key industry leaders and companies of interest. While it originally started off as a networking platform, it quickly leveraged its growing user base to evolve into a job-hunting platform. While you can find most standard jobs on conventional job search websites, LinkedIn is your best bet when it comes to niche profiles that you usually won’t find elsewhere. 

All you need is an active profile and a zeal to enhance your professional network. Your network is more than just the connections you have. Having 20,000+ connections is useless if you are unable to leverage them to your benefit. 

You have an option to either directly apply using your LinkedIn profile or use your resume to apply for job listings. It helps if your profile is armed with recommendations and testimonials from professionals in your network as this will greatly enhance the impact of your profile. 

A caveat though! Don’t “exchange” testimonials with your acquaintances on LinkedIn. In fact, in case someone has written a testimonial for you, we recommend not writing one back for at least 3 months. 

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One of the first job search sites in the public domain, Monster boasts of a traffic of 22 million+ per month, with more than 70% of the traffic coming from the USA.  

The website has an impeccable UI and allows you to search/apply for jobs, upload your resume, get career advice, salary information, and everything else under the sun. Even if you are looking for hourly paying jobs, Monster can surely help you out – along with conventional alternatives like Snagajob and Craigslist.  

This platform might not be suitable if you’re looking for niche profiles. Since it’s an open platform where anyone can upload job postings, it’s often not the first choice for specialized professionals.  

  1. Glassdoor

Acquired by Recruit Holdings for USD 1.2 billion in 2018, Glassdoor registered 41 million unique users in the first quarter of 2017. Do you still think that Glassdoor is just to check out company reviews and find out the salary bracket of your profile?

You are highly mistaken! Not only does it allow users to anonymously review companies and provide information around salary, it is also a job platform in itself with an Alexa ranking of 397 and thousands of job listings.

The metadata provided on the site is extremely useful while you’re applying for jobs. Moreover, the platform provides you with interview questions along with the difficulty level of the interview so that you are adequately prepared for the same.

  1. The Ladders
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Started in 2003 to fill a perceived void in the executive online job-search market, it vets job offers with annual salaries of USD 100k or more. It is an excellent platform for specialized professionals who are looking for high-paying jobs and is renowned for having one of the best customer support systems compared to other job search sites. 

A downside to The Ladders is that it doesn’t support Boolean searches – meaning that each search query can only contain one keyword. Additionally, it doesn’t support jobs lower than USD 100k, contractual gigs, commission-based jobs, etc. 


We hope that this guide was able to provide more clarity on how to streamline your job search. What are you waiting for? Just go ahead and apply! 

Any questions? Give us a shout out in the comment below!

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