John Krasinski Kisses Pete Davidson

Kenan Thompson had played ‘The Office’ and this news is for all the fans. He demanded that John’s fictional character Jim will have to ‘kiss Pam’ from the audience! John Krasinski, who is currently 41 years old made his debut hosting Saturday Nughr live after a really long span of time. The actor tried to stay on the topic about the reason for which hosting is so very important to him, and that’s how he started with his opening monologue. However, he was interrupted too soon by the Office fans, played by Kenan Thompson and Alex Moffat. He had got several other ideas in mind, whatsoever! Besides, Pete Davidson did jump out of stage and thus, they seemed to confuse Alex and Kenan into thinking that he was Jenna Fischer’s fictional Office character Pam Beesley. 

Alex interrupted John, “Hey Jim! Question! So my question is — you’re Jim? From The Office? Second question, do The Office! Where’s Pam?” To this, the actor responded, “I’m not even sure what that would look like…I’m actually not but hello.” He seemed to be attempting to stay on track. Kenan later on interjected from the audience with a peculiar request: “Hey, I got a question. Kiss Pam. I need you to kiss Pam!” John’s Jim and Jenna’s Pam were then engaged in an ongoing romance storyline wherein they eventually were led to a wedding in the 6th season. The 27 years old, who seemed to be clad in a blue tie dye sweatshirt explained, “I think what’s happened is people have been stuck inside all year binge watching The Office so this is like, real for them.” Kenan asked to it all over again, “Is that Pam?” He looks absolutely nothing like that of Jenna’s character Pam. 

John was looking really handsome in a forest green shade suit along with a navy tshirt and he responded to it, “No, clearly this isn’t Pam — this is Pete Davidson…Pam’s a fictional character.” Pete realized that the fans just needed someone to be Pam and he was apparently frustrated, and thus, he gave out a suggestion,  “I think we gotta give them what they want. Jim, you gotta kiss Pam.” John then locked his lips with Pete for a hysterical and surprising moment as everyone rose to cheers! 


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