John’s Cena Attainment In Wrestling Alacrity

John is one of the most famous professional wrestlers, television presenter and actor. In 2000, He captured the UPW title. He made the contract work at Ohio Valley Wrestling in 2001. He received the OVW heavyweight title in February 2002. After receiving that he participated in WWE debut in June.  After two years he won the United States Championship. In the release of the hip-hop album and appearances on TV and film, the wrestler expanded his brand by using that. 

Early Life cycle :

His full name was John Felix Anthony. In 1977 at West Newbury, he was born Newbury. At his school days he put his interest in sports and working out. He went to the gym during his school days at the age of 15. He proves his achievements in the football field. He studied at Springfield College in Massachusetts and he got the knowledge of physiology. He was the successful Division III All-American offensive and team captain.

He started his new life as a bodybuilder in California with his father’s wishes. He makes the unbelievable transition for the 6-foot 1-inch and he proves his aspiring star talent. He just takes $500 in his pocket by using this money he travels across the country. At a Gold Gym, he cleaned toilets and folded towels which are located at Venice Beach. In Lincoln Continental, he shacked that in 1991.  

Foray into Wrestling

In 2000, cena touched his turning point. He takes the classes at Ultimate Pro Wrestling in Wrestling Entertainment development Company. His father Johnny Fabulous lives as a wrestling announcer and businessman. He spent most of the time watching wrestling shows on tv and his favorite hero is Hulk Hogan. On April 27, 2000 he captured his UPW title. Cena’s most attention was on WWE executives. As a young entertainer he signed a developmental contract to work with Ohio Valley Wrestling(OVW).

WWE Championship

In February 2002, Cena captured the OVW heavyweight title after that he made WWE debut in June and he signed with Smackdown roster. After two years, Cina won the Championship in March 2004 in Wrestlemania XX.

Within the year Cena won many titles and awards. He won the Victorious against Edward in 2007.Cina also participated in the Elimination Chamber match. He faces some disappointments in wrestling. But he never gives up his hard work. He had working experience in SmackDown brand. And the next night he won the spinner title belt. Then he touches an inter-brand angle. He participated in triple threat Cyber Sunday match which was conducted by mini-feud. John has a net worth of $60 million. Apart from wrestling John runs multiple brand endorsements and movie roles.

John Cena Wife Shay Shariatzadeh

John and shay makes his first meeting in WWE wrestling. They have a strong relationship with each other. In october 2019, they made their red carpet debut. John Cena married Shay Sariatzadeh officially in March 2019 in Canada. She is a canadian engineer and she was born in 1989 in Iran, she is also interested in the field of software development. She started her working at the age of 18. And her first job was sales associate in 2011.

Shay was a product manager in a tech company as a Canadian citizen and she generated her net worth by her profession. Her offline reports closer to $ 500,000. This information was obtained by various media reports. In 2016 Cena started learning of Mandarin Chinese which helps to expand his reach in WWE and Cina was interested in learning piano. In 2018 July, John Cina moved to China country.  

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