Jon Landau releases Avatar 2 set photo indicating return to filming


Jon Landau, James Cameron's TITANIC Oscar-winning producer, visited Instagram to show a new photo of the set of AVATAR 2 and was attached with a special message indicating that it's time to get back to work.

AVATAR 2 was one of the many productions that had to darken in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. The sequel is filmed in New Zealand and they have become one of the first places to implement safety standards that will allow productions to resume work if those standards are met. Jon Landau's Instagram post shows the stages are set now that the New Zealand government has approved its health and safety protocols after COVID-19, allowing film and television production to resume. You can see the Instagram post below:

It was just over a week ago when James Cameron indicated that AVATAR 2 could possibly keep its December 17, 2021 release date if production could resume soon. Although all the live-action filming had ceased, the team worked hard remotely on all the various special effects for the project, so production never really stopped, it just refocused. Now that New Zealand has given permission for productions to resume, any filming of movies in the area can resume work as soon as next week.

California Governor Gavin Newsom revealed this week that we may learn Monday about the safety standards needed to resume productions in the state of California, although Los Angeles County would still have to wait to return to work as the plan is for the area to reopen. your economy sometime before July 4th. Los Angeles is one of the central hubs for film and television production, not to mention a great source of revenue for the state that employs many, so this news is seen as encouraging if the rest of the state can ease production production. safe. Some reports suggest that the standards revealed next Monday could get productions to start again next week if they're ready.

Do you think AVATAR 2 will stay on track for its release date now that filming can resume next week?

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