Jurassic world 3: Rumours, Storyline and Star-cast leaked

Jurassic World 3 Trailer

We have got some interesting news for Jurassic world lovers. 

As expected, Universal Studios is upto making another dinosaur movie which would be the sequel of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom released last year.

Jurassic World was originally planned as a trilogy so it is obvious to expect Jurassic world 3. This movie would be the third part of Jurassic World and overall 6th instalment of the Jurassic Park film series.

In a recent interview with Colin Trevorrow (present Director of the series) has revealed many insights and interesting details about the upcoming movie. 

As per Colin, this movie would be very different and unique in certain ways. It would be much more than just another dinosaur movie. It will be having elements which are quite different from previous movies of the series. 

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The director further said that it will be having the most accurate dinosaurs of all the movies made till now on the same subject. Saying this he meant that they will not change the dinosaurs from the previous movies as these are established characters to the series but they may focus on real dinosaurs and hybrids produced in earlier movies. 

He further said, “Now we are heading into a world in which the ability to clone a dinosaur is no longer exclusive to doctor Henry that leads to innovation, and new opportunities for us to introduce species that represent the full spectrum of our knowledge”. 

Some rumours says that the dinosaurs would be having feathers on their body which can be justified if they are coming from some new genetical companies apart from doctor Henry’s lab.

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He also said that it will not be the movie where dinosaurs are chasing human and destroying cities. They have come with a concept where dinosaurs will be everywhere in Jurassic world. 

Treverrow’s interview has made everyone so curious about it. Although to see the movie we have to wait for another 2 years as the movie is aligned to be on the floor in June 2021.

There are many previous movie characters who might make their appearance in the next installment. At the end of 2018, Bryce Dallas Howard said that she was quite interested to share the scene with Ian Malcolm. This implies that he would also be a part of the movie.

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People are more curious to know whether Alan Grant will be present in the movie as it is been a long time since we have heard anything from doctor Grant. 

Ellie Sattler and Ian Malcolm will definitely be seen in the movie as there are many hints we have got from different sources which is a good news. It might also be a well planned strategy of the franchise to hide a bigger surprise which might be the entry of doctor Grant. Who knows?

Let us know your thoughts and opinions about the same in the comments down below.’

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