Justice League Star teases Martian Manhunter in The Snyder Cut


Now that the Snyder cut of League of Justice has officially gone from being one of the most famous never-seen-before movies ever made to the most anticipated comic book blockbuster on this side of Avengers EndgameThe conversation went from whether it really exists or not to the amount of new material the HBO Max exclusive will contain.

The theatrical editing of the film is clearly the result of two very different directors with different styles and sensibilities having their work awkwardly united under the heavy hand of studio interference, and as a result there are countless half-baked plot threads o completely abandoned. in the first-released version that fans will expect to see resolved now that Zack Snyder has finally received the go-ahead to bring his original intentions to League of Justice to the masses

One of the many subplots that was eventually removed from the theatrical release was the introduction of fan favorite Martian Manhunter, with Snyder previously revealing through storyboards that he planned for Harry Lennix's Calvin Swanwick to appear as the alien who was switching from shape. This has obviously led fans to ask Lennix if we will finally be able to see that play when Snyder Cut hits HBO Max next year, and in a recent social media exchange, The blacklist Star certainly makes it look that way.

Based on what we know so far, with the vast majority of information slowly dripping through Snyder himself onto social media over the past two and a half years, his cut from League of Justice It promises to be virtually unrecognizable from the underperforming at the box office while alienating both fans and critics alike. Whether Martian Manhunter ends up playing a major role in Snyder Cut or if it amounts to little more than a cameo, it seems the filmmaker will use some of the reported $ 30 million to finish the necessary effects to bring J & # 39; onn J & # 39; onzz in live action for the first time.


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