Justin Timberlake Finally Reveals 2ndSon’s Name

Justin Timberlake finally revealed the name of his second child after Jessica Biel has given the birth to the baby secretly. Finally, the name is out after 6 months post the baby is born. He even admitted that Silas was super excited about being a big bro. Justin who is presently just 39 years old said that there is a new addition to the family, and thus revealed the good news to the entire world before Ellen DeGeneres in the July 18 edition of her show. Justin said, “His name is Phineas.” He further added, “He’s awesome, and he’s so cute. And nobody’s sleeping. But we’re thrilled. We’re thrilled, couldn’t be happier, very grateful.”

Singer Brian McKnight, the longtime friend of Justin had also said that the couple has recently welcomed a new baby to the family. Both Justin and Jessica had kept their second pregnancy a secret affair before everyone, and during the last interview with Ellen, Justin shared his heart’s words revealing that having a second baby is of course, a lot of fun, but along with it, there is a lot of work as well. Silas is the first child of Justin and Jessica who was born to the couple back during 2015. Justin added, “I guess the saying goes [you] go from a zone defense to a man to man really quickly. It’s great. Silas is super excited.”

He even shared that Silas is liking the fact of being a big brother to Phineas. He quoted, “Phin can’t walk yet or chase him down, so I don’t know, we’ll see what happens.” Well, you can expect to see Justin performing his new song, “Better days” in an inauguration being hosted by Tom Hanks on 20th January.

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