Kansas City Mayor Receives Racist Threats After Issuing Mask Order


The Mayor of Kansas City, Missouri received threatening and racist messages about an order requiring residents to wear face covers while in public spaces, the worst of which stated that "he should swing from a tree" for instituting the policy. .

Quinton Lucas, who is black, shared the texts and a manipulated photo he received on a Twitter thread Monday – the same day that your mask order went into effect.

The order, which was announced last Friday, will last for two weeks.

The threats show a series of texts that accuse the mayor of "not responding to whites". The sender also appeared to be upset by the mask requirement, asking "What are the repercussions of not wearing a mask in public as of Tuesday?"

Before Lucas could respond, the sender proceeded to call it the n-word, and hinted that the mayor must be lynched.

"You should swing from a tree, I'm not threatening him, but I would love to see him," they wrote.

"The negative has increased dramatically since COVID started and has continued through the protest movement and is now fairly regular from different ends," the mayor said when a Kansas City Star sports journalist answered his thread asking how often it happened.

“Real racial slurs and insults are rare. General antisocial comment is typical now. I imagine it will continue for a while. " Lucas wrote.

The other post showed a side-by-side comparison of an edited and unedited photo of the mayor and another person holding T-shirts on a radio station.

The edited photo makes it look like Lucas and the other man are holding T-shirts that say & # 39; F *** the Police & # 39; and & # 39; Black Lives Matter & # 39 ;, although the original photo shows that the shirts were advertisements for 96.5 The Buzz, the local FM station I was visiting.

"Who takes a smiling photo of the police at a rock station?" asked the mayor.


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